You Got Fired, Now What?

You've Been Fired, Now What?
Many of us have been there. We’ve been let go, laid off as part of the down-sizing process, or maybe we’ve been just plain fired. I remember the humiliation of being fired from one of my part-time college jobs. I had been working at a hair salon for a few weeks when I got pink eye. Though, it wasn’t ideal, I thought I handled the situation in a responsible manner by making sure my shift was covered. So you can imagine my surprise when the owner called me that very same day to report she had ‘over hired’, so I was no longer needed. At first I was shocked, but then I was angry, and after that I just felt plain old inadequate. The feeling of being ‘let go,’ – no matter what the reason, is not something you can easily forget.  So now what?

Why Not Consider Temporary Employment?

In the insurance staffing industry, professionals such as claims adjusters often love temporary employment. They get to enjoy flexible schedules, busy summers and great pay. Claims Adjusters get to work for a new company, have a new boss and work in different locations. For those who enjoy a change of pace, or a change of scenery – temporary employment can be a great choice. If you accepted a temporary job and really love it; let your employer know! Being great at what you do and showing commitment and enthusiasm might lead to a long-term job offer.

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Look at a temporary insurance claims job as an avenue for getting your foot in the door. If the position is short term, or you decide the environment isn’t a perfect fit, you are still gaining valuable experience for your next assignment.
Getting fired is never on someone’s agenda, but the quicker you get past the anger, the quicker you can move on to greater things. A fantastic opportunity might be just around the corner. I originally believed that contracting pink eye at an inopportune time led to my demise at the hair salon. However, now I’m more inclined to think it helped lead me down a better career path. If the salon owner had kept me on, I might never have interviewed for my current position in the insurance industry!
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