6 Reasons to Write a Post-Interview ‘Thank You’ Note

writing a post-interview thank you note

Find out why writing a Post-Interview Thank You Note is a Must

TheBestIRS reveals why you should write a ‘Thank You’ Note after your interview. So, you aced your interview and you’re almost certain you’ll be offered the insurance job. However, you can’t decide whether you should take the time to write a thank you note to the hiring manager. From our experience in the staffing and recruiting industry – we say YES, you should! Here are six reasons why you should take that extra step:

1. A thank you note makes you memorable in what might be an endless pool of job seekers

Your thank you note can make the interviewer take that all-important second look at you as a candidate, which is what all job seekers should be aiming for. When hiring managers are interviewing to fill an insurance job, candidates eventually begin to merge together. As a job seeker, you need to do anything and everything to stand out and be memorable. The thank you note will be sure to do that for you.

2. It reminds the interviewer why you’re a great match for the insurance job

Expanding upon your resume in person is one thing, but how will the hiring manager remember you after you leave? That’s where your thank you note comes into play. The letter refreshes his or her memory on your skills and qualifications and is a reminder that you’re a great match for the open insurance job.

3. Your thank you note gives you the opportunity to spin a negative into a positive

Did you make a flub during your insurance job interview, or perhaps you gave an impartial answer? Now is the time to spin that into a positive. When writing your thank you note, take care to add a few sentences to make up for your blunder. Start off with ‘After leaving the interview, I reflected on a time I had to overcome an obstacle in the workplace and I came up with a better example than I previously stated. My greatest achievement would be…’ Both your note and your well thought out answer will impress your interviewer.

4. A thank you note shows you genuinely care about the company and position

A thank you note shows you take pride in your work. If given the choice between two candidates who are equally matched in terms of skills and experience for an insurance job, who wouldn’t give the opportunity to the more eager candidate of the two? Your thank you note will showcase your enthusiasm and how you care about the position

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5. A thank you note shows your appreciation

Hiring managers are typically busy and hiring personnel is a time-consuming task. When job seekers send a thank you note it shows they appreciate and value their interviewer’s time.

6. A thank you note demonstrates your computer competency

All of us here at TheBestIRS are adamant that writing a thank you note is necessary if you’re serious about the insurance job. So, take the extra step to show you REALLY want this job.

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