Why Networking is so Important – In Every Industry

Why networking is so important for your career.

I once attended a charity event with one of our Recruiting Directors. I was in awe of the fact he knew so many people at this function. Okay, so I was actually a tad bit jealous of his popularity at first, but once I got over that I realized he deserved credit for the years he has spent building his reputation throughout our industry.

So, is networking important?  The answer is YES! Here are some valuable reasons why:

You’ll meet new and exciting people in your industry.

Give yourself the opportunity to come across a ‘game changer’. Exposure to the movers and shakers of your business might inspire or open new doors for you. Be bold – ask them for advice, pick their brain and listen to their valuable tips!

You can learn about new classes and events.  

By attending a mixer, you might just score additional invitations to events and classes that pertain to your industry. Networking allows you to find out which courses are critical to your career development, the classes that are useful, and even which ones to avoid.

You may come across a suitable contact to write your next letter of recommendation. 

Are you currently scouring the job market for your next claims job? Why not attend a relevant trade show? While job searching, you might run into an old co-worker or mutual friend. As you re-connect, you might realize this is the perfect party to write you a letter of recommendation for your next job application. You never know, this could land you your next great claims job.

You can create new business for you or your company.

Going to trade shows and other networking events can boost morale for your business and yourself. Are you a recruiter or are you in sales? Hit up the closest mixer or conference aimed at your industry. You can discuss your company, what you specialize in and how you can help other attendees – all within an informal setting.

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You can find new job opportunities.

When I was at the event with my Recruiting Director, I noticed how he talked to people about everything from their kids to last Sunday’s football game. He didn’t just discuss his claims recruiting business with them, he discussed their lives.  Being personable helps people want to work with you. Be friendly and open. You might just score your next job before you’ve even talked business!

You might fall into a new industry.

Not everyone who starts as a claims adjuster wants to stay in the industry for the rest of their career. Networking can help you see what other professionals do on a daily basis. Perhaps your new perspective will aid your decision to jump into the recruiting world, or perhaps you’ll feel compelled to start a blog, or maybe you’ll even decide to go back to school!

My coworker’s willingness to network ultimately helps him gain MORE insight and MORE connections, both of which can ultimately lead to MORE business. Why settle for less?

How do you network and what are your tips for doing so? We would love to hear from you.

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