Why Are Insurance Jobs Great?

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While it may be reasonable to believe many of those working in the insurance industry probably didn’t grow up dreaming about insurance as a career path, in reality, many enter the field and do not leave. It’s safe to say this line of business does indeed hold some appeal.

So, what makes insurance jobs GREAT?

A mixture of career paths.

The insurance industry offers a variety of claims and insurance jobs and work environments to choose from. Positions like sales, marketing, actuary, underwriting, and risk management appeal to those who want to be in an office. For those who do not, there’s field work. Catastrophe adjusters, for example, are out in the field, and are rarely, if ever, in a cubicle environment. Claims positions can allow adjusters to get out of the office and into repair shops, hospitals, and law offices, to name a few locations. In addition, starting in one particular area of the insurance industry doesn’t mean a one-track career path. This industry has many options and paths to promote skill development.


Many positions within the insurance industry allow flexibility for you to create your own salary figure (hello commission!). Catastrophe Adjusters are often extremely well rewarded for the long and irregular hours they put in during peak months. During the off-season, they may choose to work less or take a break.

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A dependable career.

Many view insurance as a necessity. There are few people who would let their insurance protection lapse because catastrophes, accidents and other unfortunate occurrences can never be planned for. So the insurance employee may be afforded job-security- no doubt a welcoming comfort at times when the economy is unstable.

Advancing with technology.

Rapid technological advancements see many industries clambering to keep up with social and mobile changes. The insurance industry hasn’t missed a beat. Insurance companies are staying up to date by creating efficient mobile websites, apps and social pages. Insurance companies constantly evaluate the type of policies that they offer, and some are even investigating ‘cyber insurance’ possibilities.

Of course, this field isn’t always fun and games. There can be long hours, angry claimants, mundane policy questions to answer over and over.  However, despite a few negative aspects (and what job doesn’t have those?), the insurance industry maintains a happy and loyal staff.

What do you think makes up a great insurance job? How many different insurance career paths have you pursued?

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