Why Can’t Your Team be all Point Guards?

Why can't all of your team members be point guards?

“A point guard has perhaps the most specialized role of any position. They are expected to run the team’s offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. Above all, the point guard must totally understand and accept his coach’s game plan.” – Wikipedia

Managers staffing for their team always looks for that all-star candidate: the one with the speed, agility, and proven shooting-record. In the business world, we all want an employee who will drive sales, lead other employees to a record-breaking quarter, maybe bring in treats during the work week to share, and is likable. While a team of all point guards sounds enticing and great – it’s unrealistic. So, why wouldn’t it work?

Everyone’s job is important, no matter how small. 

Successful point guards call out the plays and are top scorers. It’s clear to see the necessity of their position, but what about other team members and support staff? It’s important to realize you can’t have a team of all point guards because all positions are important, no matter how small. If a position weren’t important to your team’s success, your employee simply wouldn’t be there.

Everyone’s skills and experience are different. 

You can’t have a team of point guards because you need different skills and experiences to make your team the very best. In basketball, you need height for a center and speed for a point guard. Rarely are all of your players going to be super tall, excellent 3-point shooters and the fastest to run the ball down the court. 

Just like in business, we have great insurance recruiters because they have the insurance knowledge and recruiting skills to be the best. Does that mean our account managers or operations staff can be insurance recruiters? No, but they have different qualities that allow them to be successful in their human resource, compliance, or communication roles. The different skill sets and experiences combine to create the very finest team in the business.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. 

This is extremely important in both basketball and in business: don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Your center might be the very best at rebounding the basketball and only good at shooting 3-pointers. Your forward might be perfect at ball handling but only an average rebounder. Does that eliminate his/her efforts at ball handling? No, it doesn’t. The skill sets that your players have between amazing, good and everything in between, are what make up your team. 

As a hiring manager, you must learn to embrace good, better and best in your employees. Each member of your team will bring different qualities to the table and it’s important not to disregard an employee who has a weakness or performs at a level below true excellence in an area or two. If they are good enough at one aspect of their job, help them excel in the area they shine at, and work on improving their skills in another. Treat your employees well, and in return they will be dedicated and loyal to you.

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You need someone to assist.

Not every employee can be the lead scorer or point guard for your team. A point guard needs teammates to assist in the play and be part of the effort. While not every team member will be a point guard – they are still of great value to the company. They might not be calling the shots or winning MVP, but they still help by assisting in the pass, blocking out opponents and offering up encouragement. 

Why do you think an all Point Guard team wouldn’t work?

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