Who is this detective showing up all over our adjuster jobs?

Recently, many of you have been wondering whom the new face is that has been popping up on our social media sites, blog and trade show booth. For the past few years, we’ve been using the motto, ‘The Search is Over,’ since it incorporates our whole business plan, but in the past few months, we chose to hire an additional resource to assist in finding the best adjuster jobs: a detective. What does a detective have to do with our insurance staffing services or adjuster jobs? Plenty. Keep reading below to learn more about him:

The Detectives Stats:
Age: Age doesn’t matter when you’re the best at what you do.
Weight: Fit enough to outrun competitors.
Shortcomings: Ceasing to take time off from ‘the search.’
Likes: Finding the perfect position for our candidates and the perfect employee for our clients.
Dislikes: Misspelled words on resumes, candidates who are late for their interview or don’t show up, clients who take to long to decide on employing candidates.
Best Quality: Can turn any resume into gold.
Hidden Talent: He makes the color red look good.
Dream: He’s living it.

Request Help from TheBestIRS

Our detective will help you crack the case on adjuster jobs.
If you’re sifting through adjuster jobs and finding no luck than it is time to seek out TheBestIRS detective. Whether you’re looking for temporary or direct hire jobs as an adjuster, he will be there to help. If you’re seeking an adjuster job in a different state, you can count on him to close the case quick since he travels all across the country. Plus, he’s experienced in finding your next adjuster job in numerous industries: Workers’ Compensation and Property & Casualty. No matter what type of position you’re looking for next, you can be sure our detective won’t come up empty handed.

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Our detective will close the case on finding you services for insurance staffing.
Whether you’ve used a service for insurance staffing or not, our detective will seal the deal for you. The reason why we love the slogan, ‘The Search is Over™’ is because once you find our insurance staffing services, you don’t have to keep looking. TheBestIRS detective can assist you no matter how many candidates you request or where you need them. Our detective will help you close your case on hiring for your adjuster jobs in record time.

The most common cases our detective works on includes but is not limited to;

• Workers’ Compensation
• Property & Casualty
• Independent adjusting services for catastropheHiring our detective has been one of the best hiring decisions we’ve made. Keep a look out for where our detective might be opening adjuster jobs next on TheBestIRS.com.

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