Which Avenger is Interviewing You?

Which Avenger is Interviewing You?

If you ask someone if they love the Avengers, they will likely say “absolutely!” What’s not to love? Action, comedy, kid-friendly and date-night approved. Not only are we afforded the pleasure of non-stop action, but we get to see all of our favorite super heroes taking down the bad guys.

With the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War, it made me think back to when I watched the first Avengers in 2012. As I recalled seeing the Avengers battle it out against Loki, I found myself thinking about our candidates and their constant professional battles. Who do our candidates constantly battle it out with in the office? Hiring managers, who stand in their way of open insurance jobs. The interview process is stressful enough, so throwing in interviewer personality traits can definitely heighten anxiety. Plus, what if the hiring manager has secondary motives (like Nick Fury), when asking us what makes us the best candidate for their insurance adjuster job? What if our pre-rehearsed answers aren’t good enough for the savvy manager who resembles Tony Stark? Or what if our interviewer acts like a friend but is secretly interrogating us – like Black Widow? Have you ever had an aggressive Hulk-type hiring manager? They can get scary without a moment’s notice. I know through my own interview experiences, I have seen most of these Avenger types, but which one is the scariest? How should you go about impressing them in your interview for one of their insurance jobs?

Iron Man: 

Everyone loves running into the Iron Man of hiring managers; he’s intelligent, witty and knows his industry like the back of his hand, but he also has the tendency to talk down to those not at his level of expertise. His super senses don’t miss much: he might hear his subject’s stomach grumbling, or a cell phone left on vibrate, and of course, he will DEFINITELY sense uncertainty. Remain confident in his presence. Your skills and work experience are what he needs for his open insurance adjuster jobs. You wouldn’t have been granted a meeting with this Iron Man hiring manager if you weren’t up to the task. Just be sure to eat breakfast beforehand and remember to shut off your cell phone!

Captain America: 

Every company must have one of these hiring managers amongst them: the great and exceptional leader. He follows the rules and is constantly on a mission to better the company with his new hires. Captain America stands for everything good and is the individual everyone looks to in their time of need. This hiring manager will be able to dig up any lies, so don’t be foolish during your interview. Don’t be too over-elaborate about the skills you gained in your past insurance jobs. Be honest and show you are ready to learn new skills or take on greater challenges than in your prior insurance jobs. A leader like Captain America wants outstanding team members, so: be confident, but not pushy when talking about your qualifications.


This hiring manager is all about order, drama, and restoration. Thor, God of Thunder, ruling his realm and team with his mighty hammer. He lays down the law in his interviews, whether with his slightly intimidating presence or his direct interview style. Luckily, his superhuman strength is an asset to you as well. After you dazzle him with your experience in your previous insurance adjuster jobs he will have the power to make a solid case for your immediate hire. Be sure to make a strong ally in the Thor-like hiring manager. He or she is a true force to be reckoned with around the office and can be a great advocate for you.

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Black Widow:

This hiring manager can be as deadly as she or he sounds. This interviewer is the whole package; a trained spy with superior speed, reflexes, agility and accuracy, as well as a hobbyist ballerina. Easily able to play victim, just to have you fall right into the palm of their hand or to lay the final blow on your interview if it’s not going well (or if they see you as competition.) If you happen to have an interview with a Black Widow, show off how accurate you’ve been with your previous insurance jobs. Discuss how ‘agile’ you can be at the office, managing numerous projects while still completing your regular tasks in a timely manner.


This hiring manager knows how to wait for his or her opening – to easily hit the mark, whether that means shooting a flaming question at you or quickly offering you a job offer. You must be quick with such hiring managers because they enjoy rapid-firing interview questions. Be sure to brush up on interview etiquette before heading to your interview. This hiring manager is quick and skilled, just like his well-known deadly arrows, so be on your toes with this one.


Hearing this Avenger’s name, I’m pretty sure you know what’s coming. These hiring managers may have temper problems. In addition to touchiness, they possess superior ‘jumping’ abilities, meaning they will easily jump to conclusions. Unfortunately, no one is safe when the Hulk erupts. From the VP down the hallway to the intern, anyone is free game when this hiring manger is having an off-day. Don’t take it personally when your answer to an interview question isn’t to their liking and they erupt. The best thing you can do is to not back down and remember: your skills qualified you for their insurance jobs. 

Every hiring manager has a personal interview style. Considering the aforementioned traits, I’m not sure who I would prefer to experience when I’m interviewing for any of their insurance adjuster jobs. Have you ever been interviewed by an Avenger? If so, which one? Will you be checking out the newest Avengers: Infinity War? Comment and let us know!

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