Insurance Recruiter, What’s Wrong with My Resume?

What's Wrong with your Resume? TheBestIRS Insurance Recruiters Offer Tips to Better Yours Today!

So, your resume isn’t getting the attention you feel it deserves. Imagine the information overload you experience every minute in your day-to-day life. Then imagine how your hiring manager feels, having to pour over hundreds of resumes just to find one candidate. It’s no wonder they might only spend a few seconds determining if you’re deserving of their time. As insurance recruiters, we’ve seen it all before. So, whether you’re in the job searching pool or you’re just browsing, see where your resume might be letting you down:

Length of Your Resume.

If your resume is competing to be your first novel, then it’s too long. Even if you have the right skills or experience, no one is going to want to read about your achievements over 10 pages. I once heard a colleague say: ‘If it’s more than two pages, I don’t care what the candidate’s experience level is, I delete it. I don’t have time for that.’

How to fix it: Keep your resume concise so that you’ll be in the front of the line. Anything you have on your resume that won’t help secure one of our many claims adjuster jobs, delete it. Just be sure you don’t delete something that could put you ahead of other candidates to insurance recruiters – such as volunteer experience or licenses you hold.

Unqualified candidates. 

I know, we’re all guilty of this. I’ve done it and I’m sure you’ve done it too. We all think we’re great enough that the company we’re applying to will settle for our 2 years of experience instead of the 10 years they’re asking for. Our clients specify qualifications and experiences for their open claims adjuster jobs for a reason. If you don’t meet those basic qualifications then I can guarantee you won’t be considered for the position.

How to fix it: This one is simple, just don’t apply. Not only will this save your hiring manager time, but more importantly it will save yourself the trouble of going through the application process for no reason. The time you save could be better used improving your resume for positions you’re better suited for.

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Submitting a partially completed application.

This is something we may have all done at least once. They ask for a cover letter, references, and writing samples and you feel like you have the perfect application email crafted. You go and press send, only to realize seconds later that you forgot to attach the references. Immediately you are filled with dread, knowing that 100’s of other people remembered to include that critical information and you just blew your shot.

How to fix it: Before you decide to apply to one of our many claims adjuster jobs, be sure to include only the necessary information. When insurance recruiters ask for additional information along with your resume: provide it. Spending the extra time getting your documents together BEFORE you submit your application will make all the difference.

Adding unnecessary information. 

You might think that the new haircut you got looks professional and really drives the point home that you’re the best qualified candidate, but if it isn’t requested it will only hurt you.

How to fix it:
 If you’re applying for one of our claims jobs, our clients don’t request photos, so leave them off. A photo is merely a distraction for insurance recruiters reviewing your resume. 

Insurance recruiters and hiring managers: what candidate resume mistakes do you witness most often? Do you have other tips to add to this list? 
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