What it’s Like to Work with TheBestIRS Recruiters

What it's like to work with insurance recruiters

Recruiters. Headhunters. Search Consultants. There are many terms that refer to those who work for insurance staffing companies. The titles may differ, but these professionals share one thing in common: they all seek to find the perfect candidate to fill their insurance jobs. In addition to simplifying the job search process, our insurance recruiters can help you in a multitude of ways:

 They listen to your career and salary needs.

Our insurance recruiters will want to know exactly what you aim to achieve in your next career move. Additionally, they will ask what type of salary you are looking for. The insurance recruiter will never want to pitch you an insurance job that falls below your salary requirements or doesn’t meet your expectations, so tell them exactly what you are looking for.

They will go to bat for you on salary expectations.

The job your insurance recruiter pitched to you sounds ideal, but the commute is a little farther than you are used to, so you would like more compensation. No problem. Your insurance recruiter is there to negotiate with the client on your behalf. Perhaps he or she can get that extra bump in pay or maybe the company will throw in a few extra vacation days to compensate for your longer journey.

 Our insurance recruiters usually know Hiring Managers.

Many of our insurance recruiters know the hiring managers they are recruiting for, so they can provide you with key information such as what to expect in terms of interview style, the type of questions you may be asked, and which accomplishments you should focus on. Furthermore, your recruiter will make sure you are adequately prepared for your interview and can calm nerves by answering your questions. Definitely better than walking in blind to an interview!

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They could present new career opportunities.

Our insurance recruiters review your credentials and become familiar with your skills and qualifications. Perhaps their expert eye will determine that you’ve been underselling yourself! They may present you with other career opportunity ideas you may consider, for example: instead of a Senior Workers’ Compensation Adjuster you could be presented to a client as a Claims Supervisor since you have the right qualifications and skill set.

They have the key to your dream company.

Many insurance staffing companies have a handful of clients they are continually recruiting for. Their clients might be the company you have your heart set on working for. Letting your insurance recruiter know which companies you want to work for and which companies you would rather avoid can make the job seeking process more efficient.

So, working with one of our insurance recruiters definitely has its advantages. To those who have already worked with one – did you enjoy your experience? Was your insurance recruiter’s assistance valuable? Why not try TheBestIRS and fill out a Personal Career Profile today! You could be on your way to getting your next insurance job in no time!

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