What are your Expectations of me in this Partnership?

What are your expectations of me in this partnership?

This is part five of answering Inavero’s seven questions on how to hire the right staffing and recruiting firm.

When you hire an insurance staffing company, you’re hiring a partner you can rely on. You want to know that when you need a candidate, your partner will deliver. So, you’ll need a partner that listens to your needs and understands your company’s mission. If your relationship is to be a successful one, both parties must set expectations and guidelines. Asking your chosen staffing company, ‘what are your expectations of me in this partnership?’, will help you be clear about what they require from you.

Be transparent. 

Whether you are using the staffing agency on a casual basis or if you are fully committed, being open about your requirements will improve the relationship. The more the insurance staffing firm knows about you and your company, the better fit the candidates will be. All parties must be actively involved to ensure a successful partnership between the company and staffing firm. The insurance staffing company is committing their time and resources to help your company. What value do you place in your partnership with them?

Be timely in your responses. 
When you’re looking to fill a position in just a few days, time is of the essence. Your staffing firm will begin working on your required position immediately and will often have candidates ready to go in just a few hours. Prompt communication is necessary. The staffing firm will want to get resumes to you so that the interview process can begin. A good insurance staffing agency understands how overwhelmed your employees can be when you’re short staffed. They know that your business is losing money while that desk is empty. So, keep an eye on your email and return phone calls promptly, to ensure a swift placement.

Provide feedback.
Sometimes that perfect candidate fails as the perfect employee. If your new staff member should prove to be less than perfect, talk to your insurance staffing agency immediately. If the employee isn’t meeting your standards – tell your staffing firm. We can find a replacement beginning the moment you ask for it. This also works if the candidate is amazing and you love their work. Positive feedback helps insurance staffing companies know who their star employees are.

Understanding what your insurance staffing company expects from you can help foster a great long-term partnership. If you fail to communicate with your staffing firm, sourcing the right candidate for you can be more difficult. The more information you provide, the better chances that the insurance staffing company is able to find you the ideal candidate. 

What other tips do you have to foster a healthy relationship with an insurance staffing company?

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