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Is this the year you’ll find your next opportunity? Have you been updating your resume and working on new certifications? If so, your efforts will result in attention from hiring managers and recruiters. However, as you begin applying for your next insurance career, there’s a crucial step you might forget. What is this necessary, yet often left incomplete task? Updating your LinkedIn profile. After finalizing a resume, smart job seekers choose to update their LinkedIn profile. But why is it so important?

1. You’ll remain consistent when searching for your next insurance career.

Many companies utilize LinkedIn to determine if a candidate will be an appropriate fit for their culture. So, be sure to keep dates of employment, job titles, as well as duties or responsibilities up-to-date. Additionally, many recruiters use the job seekers’ LinkedIn experience as an alternative option to a standard resume.

2. Accurate profiles lead to more opportunities.

An up-to-date LinkedIn profile helps illustrate growth within your career. You inform your connections (as well as their connections) of any career changes or promotions, which can, in turn, lead to more opportunities – now, or in the future.

3. Having an accurate LinkedIn profile can lead you to connect with like-minded individuals.

An accurate profile can introduce you to others who are in a similar insurance career but at another company, or could assist those who are looking for someone like you for their open position.

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4. Accuracy with your certificates and/or professional designations is helpful to both you and hiring managers.

Your certificates and professional designations can assist recruiters in determining whether you’re a qualified candidate for an insurance job. Additionally, if you consistently update your profile to match your resume, you can connect with others who share those certificates.

5. You can easily find and join industry-related groups.

By joining and participating in new groups of interest, you’ll be able to market yourself as an industry leader. You may be able to offer industry insights, trends, or knowledge, which will impress hiring managers and recruiters alike.

6. Hiring managers can identify common connections when you work to expand your network.

In turn, this can expedite the hiring process by allowing hiring managers to quickly verify references as well as past experience and education.

7. Confirming your contact information.

By keeping your LinkedIn profile contact information up-to-date, hiring managers or recruiters can easily contact you via phone or email.

Don’t let another insurance job slip out of reach! How else do you think keeping a LinkedIn profile current helps with your career search?

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