Have you visited our new trade show booth?

Have you visited TheBestIRS trade show booth?

TheBestIRS is in the middle of the busy trade show and conference season. These events are a staple for our insurance recruiters to meet with prospective clients and candidates in every market. This year, we changed our booth’s look to ensure a fun and engaging experience for all those who visit with us. So, what should you expect to see at our all-improved booth?

Eye-catching design
To draw in our clients and candidates, we wanted something eye-catching in our redesign. So, TheBestIRS created a theme incorporating our motto and our ‘The Search is Over’ detective. Striking ‘detective’ graphics convey our business services.

Interchangeable concept
The booth is also inter-changeable as it features graphics to target different audiences -depending on which trade show TheBestIRS is attending. The booth has become a showstopper at events, especially when we have the James Bond backdrop available for passersby to take their photo in front of. TheBestIRS insurance recruiters also dress up as detectives in keeping with our theme!

Check out our Events page so you can stop by our booth – which trade show booth design will you get to experience?

Great prizes
We’ve also changed up our prizes. Typically you can expect to see Beats Pills, Beats Headphones, iPads, Starbucks and Target gift cards. Just swing by our trade show booth and give one of your business cards to our insurance recruiters for a chance to win.

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Check out our Events page to see our new trade show design. Tell us your favorite aspect!

TheBestIRS is excited to meet you at the next trade show or conference. If you’re heading to one and want to meet with one of our insurance recruiters, let us know. See you soon!


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