TheBestIRS Wins Inavero’s 2016 Best of Staffing® Talent Award!

TheBestIRS Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing® Talent Award!

Inavero's Best of Staffing® Talent Award Winner!We’re so excited to announce that for the fourth year in a row, TheBestIRS has won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Talent Award! This is a huge accomplishment for us and we couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Our Best of Staffing® results included receiving 9 or 10 out of 10’s from 76% of our candidates. Additionally, TheBestIRS Net Promoter Score was 65.9% when the industry average is -3%!

In the past few years, we’ve begun implementing new programs, benefits and processes to assist our candidates and job seekers. Winning this award, four years in a row, is proof that our efforts are really paying off. We received a lot of great feedback from our candidates. Here are a few of our favorite shout outs:

“My recruiter, Darius, looked out for my welfare, and ensured I had the best experience possible.”
Richard F., Candidate

“Upon relocating back to Florida, Tim helped me gain employment the same week I returned. I couldn’t have asked for more efficient placement. Prior to working with Tim, I worked with Todd who was also excellent and went beyond to find me employment. I can always count on TheBestIRS!”
Candyce G., Candidate

“I cannot remember when Billy started sending e-mails regarding employment opportunities with TheBestIRS, however, it seems like it’s been forever. Last year I was out of work for the first time in 23 years, and just like clockwork in comes an email from Billy about an opportunity, which turned into a wonderful experience. So I would like to tip my hat to Mr. King for his professionalism and tenacity, it is greatly appreciated.”
– Jeffrey P., Candidate

“I just found it professional of him to take the time to introduce himself when he took over my file from my previous recruiter. He could have simply waited until a problem arose and then informed me of the change. By reaching out I felt connected to the company all the more.”
– Monica F., Candidate

“Carlos and his team he works with are the most ROCK & ROLL CREW I have ever had the privilege of working with bar none!!! 1ST CLASS ALL THE WAY!!!”
– Andrew G., Candidate

“Drew was always there. He kept me positive and ensured me something will come thru. I was placed and hired on at the company.”
– Mia H., Candidate

Sign up for Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS to be notified of new openings near you.“Fred is always open and honest about what is going on and calls me each and every time he gains additional information in anything pertaining to an assignment.”
– Danielle B., Candidate

“Kevin has been a great manager. He has listened to our concerns and acted on every one in a timely fashion. He is a great asset to myself and my management team and also this company!!”
Dan M., Candidate

We want to thank all of our candidates and TheBestIRS team members for their hard work and dedication these past four years. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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