Get the lowdown on becoming a Claims Adjuster

Get the lowdown on becoming a Claims Adjuster

Claims Adjusters – Check out these tips to help you succeed.

TheBestIRS inboxes are constantly filled with questions from candidates inquiring about how they can become a claims adjuster. Training and licensing are a huge part of becoming a claims adjuster and just like in any industry, you should find out the facts about what the role will entail. So, being the insurance industry professionals we are, we posed the following question to our own recruiters: ‘What’s one thing someone should know before deciding to become a claims adjuster?’

Claims adjusters’ work can be very challenging and demanding.

If you’re looking for a 40-hour a week job, then you should reconsider becoming a claims adjuster. The role is much more challenging than people initially think because essentially you’re either the prayer to a claimant’s hopes, or you’re the enemy because you’re denying a claim. Before jumping ship on your current career, our recruiters suggest you ask yourself, ‘Could I deal with the responsibility of being a claimant’s only hope and could I handle being the messenger with terrible news?’

It’s not true that a claim is a claim is a claim. 

Our recruiters have found that when they talk to claims adjusters outside the Workers’ Compensation or Property & Casualty fields, the adjusters tend to think ‘all claims are equal’. Unfortunately, this is not the case. For example, Environmental Claims are very different to Medical Only claims and that’s something that claims adjusters have to be aware of. It’s not as easy as you think to change the line of claims you handle. Our insurance recruiters say it best, ‘It’s not true that a claim is a claim is a claim,’ so be sure to understand the complexities of switching fields.

Entry-level roles for claims adjusters are hard to find. 

While many industries offer entry-level positions, those wanting to get into the claims adjusting field tend to have fewer opportunities. Inexperienced adjusters typically must find a company that recruits, teaches and mentors claims adjuster trainees. However, TheBestIRS recruiters insist after an adjuster has a couple of years under their belt, new and better opportunities always present themselves.

Do your research on what’s necessary for a claims adjuster. 

Becoming a claims adjuster isn’t just an overnight decision or at least it shouldn’t be if you want to be successful. Before deciding if this role is for you, do your research to find out what type of license and/or certificates are needed in your state or the states you wish to adjust in. Our recruiters also encourage candidates to know what area they want to pursue. An Independent Field Adjuster for example, will need a reliable vehicle, plus tools (such as a ladder) to inspect damage.

Getting the lowdown on the role of a claims adjuster is necessary PRIOR to entering the industry and while there are restrictions, our recruiters assure there are also many positives. There is a constant need for adjusters so you’ll have job stability (just check out our constantly growing insurance job board). Our clients demand highly knowledgeable experienced adjusters, so the more years you have as a claims adjuster the better position you’re in to move around. Plus, every industry needs adjusters, not only those who are part of the insurance field, so you have the opportunity to work for organizations ranging from department stores to restaurants, all across the country.

If you’re a veteran adjuster, what other advice would you give to those looking to enter into the industry? 

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