TheBestIRS Answers ‘Why do our clients keep coming back?’

Why do our clients love us?

No one can compete in the insurance staffing industry like we can. You may think I’m making this up, but I conducted some major investigation to find out why we’re the very best at staffing for insurance jobs. While our name clearly states we’re the best at what we do, many times we have prospective clients who want to know ‘Why do our clients keep coming back?’.

We fill jobs quickly and efficiently. 

Clients ask TheBestIRS to help fill their insurance jobs with qualified candidates and we do so quickly. With our quick placement comes the guarantee we are placing qualified, pre-screened candidates. Our clients know that when they receive a candidate, qualifications have been confirmed, references checked and the individual wants to work for the company.

We really do work 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year. 

If you think that is just a catchy tagline meant to reel clients in. Well, you’re wrong. We really are available 24/7/365. Just take last Christmas Eve for instance: a client had a need for a candidate to start the day after Christmas. The client was able to speak to an Account Manager (and not a voicemail telling her we were closed!) on Christmas Eve and we had a candidate ready to start on December 26th.

Our clients love the fact they have one person to talk to on a daily basis. 

Clients are allocated one Account Manager. Clients can contact them via phone or email to assist with their insurance staffing needs. Account Managers will discuss our clients’ current staffing requirements. Then, they will relay the qualifications and salary expectations to our team of insurance recruiters.

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Lowest prices guaranteed! 

Our insurance recruiters are located in all major job markets, which mean they find the most qualified insurance professionals at the lowest rate for our clients every time. We know the skills needed and we have candidates ready to work at your salary expectations. This equals savings for you and your company.

And my favorite reason why our clients keep coming back:

‘Ask and You Shall Receive.’ 
TheBestIRS recruits candidates across the country, so if you think you have a job order that’s unique, ask us! We know we have the right candidates for any position, anywhere in the U.S.

Now, to our existing clients: why do you keep coming back to TheBestIRS? And to prospective clients contact us today to learn more about how we can be your staffing solution for your open insurance jobs! 

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