TheBestIRS & Trade Shows: Five Insights

Be prepared when heading to a trade show.

As part of TheBestIRS team, I recently attended the 14th Annual Target Markets Program Administrators Association Summit in Scottsdale, AZ – where the networking is priceless and the happy hour appetizers are unparalleled. I have been attending this event for three years now, and every time I am able to inform others about our insurance staffing services. Attending TMPAA gives me the opportunity to network and learn about what the summit provides. Here are my top five insights from attending this year’s event:

1. There is a niche staffing company – such as TheBestIRS, that can help you.
While at TMPAA, I was able to show people how insurance staffing can help them. Our booth sparks curiosity, and people that approach are generally surprised to discover there is a service like ours out there. Many staffing companies exist, but none are quite like TheBestIRS. We specialize in the recruiting and placement of claims adjusters and examiners for the insurance industry and we’re the best there is, hence our name.

2. TheBestIRS has numerous claims adjusters who want temporary jobs. 
People who stop by our booth are often surprised to learn we are able to locate candidates who enjoy working temporary jobs. While they might be shocked, we’re not, mainly in part because we know a lot of claims adjusters who love working hard for a few months and then taking a break. Our roster is full of claims adjusters who have worked numerous assignments for us, and they keep signing up for more. Proof that insurance staffing is a very busy industry. We are delighted to be able to constantly fill temporary jobs with candidates who want them. 

3. Claims adjusters always know someone.
Since I attended my first TMPAA Summit three years ago, I’ve learned a lot about both insurance staffing as well as the industry we staff for. One thing that stays the same though – no matter which conference or trade show I attend, everyone knows someone. This is a very helpful tidbit when you’re in our industry, because it holds everyone to a higher standard. Claims adjusters tend to move around from company to company to gain more experience, which is great – as long as they do so in a professional manner.

4. We have our niche market and we stick to it. 
When TheBestIRS attends trade shows and conferences, we are normally asked if we staff for insurance producers. Unfortunately, we do not recruit and place agents because it’s not our niche market. TheBestIRS name and reputation is based upon insurance staffing. We provide only the very best claims adjusters and examiners – and this is what we stick to!

5. I don’t recommend breaking in new heels (no matter how cute.)
One of the most important insights I gained from TMPAA is that it’s not a good place to break in new heels. The successful networking experiences somewhat made up for my sore feet, but I learned a valuable lesson!

Did you attend TMPAA this past week – and if so, did you stop by our booth? TheBestIRS will be heading to the National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV on November 19 – 20. Be sure to swing by booth #1750 to spin our prize wheel and to meet us. 

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