The Interview Mistakes: ‘Did I really just tell my interviewer that?’

Interview Mistakes

All of us have been there. The dreaded and awkward interview slip-up. You are politely answering Q & A’s when something embarrassing just slips out. You realize the interview is already over.

Interviews are not the place to find your new BFF

I empathize with these candidates and their moments of shame. Maybe they thought they had just made a new friend, so they got too comfortable. Perhaps they wanted to find a way to be remembered. Or maybe they just didn’t know good interview etiquette. Been there, done that. During my own job hunting process, I often found myself talking about my extremely adorable niece. I would pull out my phone to show off pictures of the blonde haired cutie. In hindsight, I definitely question this behavior. However, you might be thinking that showing photos is nothing in comparison to telling an interviewer that you popped a Xanax for nerves. So, the question is: how do you show who you are, but at the same time adhere to basic rules while interviewing?

Are we supposed to stick to the formal, boring script and keep our personality far, far away? Or should we just let it all hang out (figuratively speaking)?

The Interview Balancing Act

This is certainly a balancing act. When I’ve interviewed candidates, I’ve found myself getting restless when I receive the same old responses to questions. As a result, I didn’t want to get to know them, and I felt I wouldn’t remember them or hire them. With this in mind, I wouldn’t exactly root for someone who told me they were in anger management because they hit a former co-worker, but what is the right balance of professionalism and personality to expose in an interview?

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Whether you are interviewing for one of our insurance jobs or a position in a different field, what should be standard protocol? Is there still a standard protocol? Those of you who find yourself in the hiring process, what is your advice for the perfect interview? Do you like when people let a little (or a lot) of personality shine through, or would you rather them answer your questions in black and white? You could work with an insurance recruiter prior to your interview and gain valuable advice…

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