5 Ways to Ensure a Stress-Free Summer for Claims Adjusters

5 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Summer

Claims adjusters, learn 5 tips to keep your summer focused on fun and not stress.

Summer is the season for warm weather, family time and vacations. The kids are out of school and you’re making plans for BBQ’s, days at the beach, reunions and of course -that trip to Disney you promised. Creating the fun can sometimes cause extra anxiety on your part though: between making arrangements for the kids while you’re at work, to the extra liability of having more guests over at your house using the pool, you have more responsibility than usual. Plus, if the season is a time when your department is extra busy handling claims, you need some help to enjoy your own summer. Claims adjusters, here are our five tips to help make summer a breeze:

1. Evaluate your insurance plans to ensure everyone is covered.

As a claims adjuster, we’re sure you’re aware that summer is also a risky time for insurers. Property Casualty 360 discusses the risks insurers or claims adjusters might not think about ahead of time. If you have watercrafts (boats, jet ski’s, kayaks, etc.,) check out what your insurance policy includes. Will it cover your particular watercraft, any guests using it, or will it cover only the owners? If you’re going to have guests over for a summer BBQ, view your personal liability coverage in case someone gets injured while at your house or if there’s a fire – you’ll want your homeowners’ policy to have adequate coverage.

2. Overly stressed by work? Take a few minutes and indulge in one of your favorite childhood activities: COLORING!

When we were first made aware that coloring can help decrease stress levels, it seemed too easy to be true. However, there have been numerous studies that link coloring to mental health benefits. According to Marygrace Berberian (a certified art therapist), “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring more mindfulness.” However, doodling at your desk in-between processing claims doesn’t seem to have the same impact, so download these templates TheBestIRS created or check out additional coloring books from CNN.

3. Gather up the kids, grab the dog and head out into nature for a walk.

We’re all aware of the great benefits to getting physical exercise. Heading outside for a walk can and typically does, reduce stress levels. A 15 – 30-minute walk is time well spent in nature, gaining clarity on a work problem or introducing your kids to the great outdoors. An added benefit could be wearing both the kids and family pet out so you have a peaceful evening. If you can’t get a walk in after work, make time at the office instead. Grab a few co-workers at lunch and hit the pavement. Read more benefits to get out and walk here.

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4. Make one day an actual day of rest.

When you’re a claims adjuster, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. You’re working crazy hours and likely checking your email throughout the weekend. This means you need an actual day off – to disconnect. One doctor, Joan Borysenko, recommended this to a client: whether you make it Saturday, Sunday or if you’re on a different schedule and need to choose a day during the week, commit to making it a work-free day. If you need to let your staff or fellow claims adjusters know ahead of time that you’ll be away from your email and you’ll reply when you get back in, do it. Making time for you and your hobbies can boost your overall happiness levels and make your walk into the office more refreshing. Find more tips here.

5. Follow this step if you’re having a soiree at your home.

If you’re having a pool party for the kids this summer, or if the adults want to have a drink or two by the pool – go one step above and hire a lifeguard. Having an extra set of eyes to monitor what’s going on in and around the pool can help prevent an accident on your property.

This summer, take time to relax with family and friends and enhance your life by incorporating some of our tips.

What other tips do you have for relieving stress after a long workday or week?

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