Temporary Staffing: A Win-Win for Employers & Claims Adjusters

How can temporary staffing be a win-win for you?

According to CareerBuilder’s latest Talent Factor, temporary employment has jumped significantly since 2010. Employers have been increasing their offerings and employees have been upping their acceptance of temporary assignments. The flexibility and perks such jobs offer both employers and employees are undeniable:

Candidates get the flexibility they want for their families.
According to the American Staffing Association: “84% of staffing employees report that their work gives them the scheduling flexibility and the time for family that they desire.” Many of our candidates choose temporary insurance jobs because they want summers off to spend time with their children. Other candidates accept temporary assignments before the holidays, to earn extra spending money. Others go continuously from one temporary assignment to the next – because they love the variety.

How can you get started? If you’re not fully committed to a full-time opportunity (no matter what field you’re in) – look into a staffing company. Since temporary employment is a rising trend, there are many niche staffing companies out there. If you’re a human resource professional looking for a temporary assignment, there are staffing companies that specialize in precisely such placements. Just like at TheBestIRS, where we only specialize in staffing for insurance jobs.

If you’re part of the insurance industry and interested in finding a temporary insurance job, fill out our Personal Career Profile. Based on your qualifications, you’ll begin to receive customized insurance job alerts!

Clients enjoy flexibility for busy seasons and hiring gaps. The American Staffing Association recently reported,“90% of client businesses say staffing companies give them the flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times,” and TheBestIRS couldn’t agree more. Our clients know they have someone to lean on when they get slammed with open claims when an employee resigns or takes a leave of absence. Before and during hurricane season, we have hundreds of clients preparing their rosters for impending CAT adjuster needs. During the holiday season, when our clients know their employees will be taking much-needed vacation time, we step in to ensure they have temporary claims adjusters – exactly when they need them.

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How can you get started?
As an employer, you should be embracing temporary employment; both for your team and for your company. If your budget can’t handle hiring a full-time employee or multiple full-time employees, enlist a staffing company. They can assist you with finding temporary candidates who can work assignments for the period you need them for. 

If you’re a claims manager, claims supervisor or in HR and need help staffing for your busiest times of year, fill out our employer contact form today! You’ll be put in touch with a dedicated account manager to answer any of your staffing questions or concerns. 

As a client or candidate, don’t be left in the dust. Sign up at TheBestIRS.com today! Whether you’re job searching or needing staff for your busy office, let TheBestIRS assist you. What are you waiting for? 

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