Insurance Staffing for Temporary Claims Adjuster Jobs

How does insurance staffing assignments work?

TheBestIRS is the leading insurance staffing firm across the U.S., specializing in the placement of claims adjuster jobs in the Workers’ Compensation and Property & Casualty markets. Clients from all over the country come to us with their insurance staffing problems and they expect solutions, but they don’t always knowing how temporary assignments work or how to get started. They often have questions such as: ‘Where do temporaries work? What happens if they don’t work out? How do we get started with your service?’

Well, look no further – because this week we’re answering client questions about placing individuals in temporary claims adjuster jobs!

Temporary assignments work inside your office.
Clients tend to assume that the employees they’ve hired from us, work from our offices during the assignment term, but in fact, they don’t. Temporary employees are our W2 employees and are fully insured and bonded by TheBestIRS, so our clients can be worry-free. Temporary candidates commute each day to your office where they work with your teams to complete the job requirements. We keep in contact to ensure the individual is meeting your expectations and if all goes well, you have the opportunity to add the temporary employee permanently to your corporate staff.

Temporary employees can convert to permanent at any time.
Clients are often more than impressed with the candidates we provide to fill their temporary claims adjuster jobs, so they want to hire them on permanently at the end of the assignment. Our insurance staffing services allow us to recruit for temporary to hire opportunities, which means our staff can easily convert your temporary employee to a permanent member of staff, at any time during the assignment.

Not every employee will be a great fit for your claims adjuster jobs.

If a temporary employee doesn’t fit into your cultural environment or doesn’t meet your expectations – we will immediately find you a replacement, no questions asked. TheBestIRS understands that sometimes it’s simply not a good fit and therefore we offer a quick replacement turnaround, so your production won’t slow down.Whether you need a candidate for a temporary assignment or longer term, insurance staffing is a great way to maintain the flow of your business. The flexibility of claims adjuster job candidates help companies grow strategically and adjust for busy seasons. Whether you need 1 or 100 employees, TheBestIRS is your insurance staffing solution. Place an order online or give us a call!



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