Will Social Media be the Demise of Your Job Interview?

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You Saturday Night Might Follow You into Your Job Interview

Be careful. That picture from last Saturday night could cost you your reputation, respect, and dream job. Thanks to the shift in the technological age, many employers have open access to potential employees before they even interview. With the number of content users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, employers are able to seek out your social media profile as an interviewing tactic. This has caused problems for lawmakers in the past. They attempted to pass a bill that would make asking you to login to your Facebook page during an interview illegal. Using Facebook to either penalize or affirm a candidate sounds unfair but tempting. Where should employers draw the line?

Invading people’s privacy by requesting to see their Facebook page is unprofessional and gives your company a bad reputation. Many people would prefer to keep their private lives private. One way to do this is by keeping your settings on private and routinely deleting ‘friends’ that are no longer active in your life. Sounds harsh, but it eliminates people from snooping through your business.

Why would employers want this kind of access before an interview?

Many employers look at possible candidates and wonder if they have a dark side. Just imagine all the juicy details you could get from just one peak. You could get a sense for whether a candidate will be a party animal, more family oriented, or if they seem unreliable all just by their Facebook pictures and posts. These assumptions might not be true but, as a professor once told me, “Perception is a reality.”

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It’s hard to imagine a life before Facebook or Instagram, but are employers crossing the line? Or is the World Wide Web an information buffet for anyone to manipulate? Should we be cautious about how posts detailing last weekend will impact our career? All-in-all, public information is available to anyone including employers. Make sure your social media settings are what you are comfortable with the world seeing.

More than 20 states have since made it illegal for employers to ask candidates for passwords. Click here to find out more about these laws, and what is or isn’t allowed in your state.

Have you ever been asked to show your Facebook page in an interview? Have you given in or walked out on a job opportunity? Let us know!

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