Shed the guilt about talking to Insurance Recruiters

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“I feel guilty looking for other jobs because I’m happy in my current role.” If this sounds like you then you’re exactly the type of person our insurance recruiters want to talk to.

Why do our recruiters want to talk to candidates who are happy at their current jobs? Why should you shed the guilt associated with seeking new employment opportunities? Learn from experts in the industry: our insurance recruiters.

Shed the guilt when considering a new insurance job.

Signing up to receive Insurance Job Alerts from us isn’t something you should feel guilty about because you’re being proactive. It’s smart to know your competition right? Our insurance recruiters are knowledgeable in:

  • Which companies are expanding and experiencing growth
  • Knowing which firms are possibly looking to decrease their workforce
  • How much companies are paying for those in the same role as you
  • Whether there will be an influx or shortage of job seekers for a particular insurance job
  • What new business is out there
  • What type of opportunities are available for someone looking to excel

So, why do insurance recruiters want to talk to candidates who are happy in their current roles?

Some might think it doesn’t make sense for recruiters to talk to candidates who aren’t actively looking to change jobs. Shouldn’t recruiters only want to talk to people ready to jump ship for the right opportunity? While that isn’t something our recruiters shy away from, it’s candidates who are satisfied within their role that recruiters look for because:

Happy employees know exactly what they like about their insurance job:

  • Benefits
  • Commute
  • Compensation
  • Manager

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They’re not looking to job hop from one bad situation to another – if they’re happy with their insurance job they will take their time to carefully compare all possibilities before accepting a new and better position.

Have you considered signing up for our Insurance Job Alerts yet? Whether you’re happy or not, our recruiters can assess your skills and keep you informed – without the guilt. If you’re already signed up, share the love and refer your colleagues!

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