The Search is Over® for Your Insurance Staffing Needs

The Search is Over®

The Search is Over®

TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists, is very excited for the upcoming year and we want our clients to be too! The past few years have been truly exceptional for TheBestIRS and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for this coming year. While everyone is making New Year’s resolutions, we hope one of yours is to ease your stress on future hiring – by utilizing our insurance staffing services. How can TheBestIRS be your answer for the coming year? 

The Search is Over® for your insurance staffing needs. 

Many of our clients started out by using our services minimally, but after a few requests, they began utilizing our insurance staffing services faithfully. The services we provide are unlike any other insurance staffing company around. Which is why ‘The Search is Over’ slogan reiterates to our clients that once they find us, they can stop seeking out an insurance staffing company. TheBestIRS is constantly staffing for these types of insurance jobs:

  • Claims Adjusters (Auto, Property, Workers’ Compensation)
  • Claims Supervisors
  • Claims Managers
  • Loss Control
  • …and many more!

The Search is Over® for finding candidates for every placement type.

Whether you’re searching for a claims adjuster to handle a temporary job that only lasts a few weeks, or if you need a direct hire placement (some insurance staffing companies refer to them as permanent positions), we handle it all. If you want to ‘try before you buy,’ you can request a temporary-to-hire . This allows you to work with the adjuster, see how he/she gels with team members and be satisfied with his or her work product, before you offer a more permanent position within your company.

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The Search is Over® for finding claims adjusters; no matter the location.

One of the many things that sets TheBestIRS apart from other insurance staffing companies is the fact we have jobs all across the country. This is a great asset to both us and to our clients – since they tend to have multiple offices across the country. Whether you need a team of claims adjusters in Minnesota or a Claims Supervisor in California, TheBestIRS has you covered. 

Everyone here at TheBestIRS is excited for what’s on the horizon. If you’re unfamiliar with our insurance staffing services, submit a job request now. You’ll be able to discuss your insurance staffing needs with our knowledgeable Account Managers and get resumes on your desk that very day – for every insurance job you need claims adjusters for.

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