Saving a Bad Interview

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We’ve all had a bad interview at some point or another. Some of which we wanted to desperately save since it was our dream job. As for others, we wanted to walk out with our head held high and wonder what just happened? Whether you’re interviewing for an insurance job or basically any job, realizing your interview is about to go up in smoke is never a good feeling, but there are always methods to extinguish the flames. Check out our tips below to not only put out the fire but to walk out of an interview smoothly.

Start off calm and collected.

Before you even enter the interview, take a few deep breaths while in waiting for the interview start. Being relaxed should start to mentally prepare you for your interview and any questions that may throw you off your ‘A game.’

Picture yourself answering the questions CONFIDENTLY.

When I played sports, every coach of mine would tell me to visualize making the shot, the basket, and there is a reason for it. Visualizing yourself completing a task, making a speech, (excelling at a job interview is no different) really can make a difference! So go ahead! Visualize yourself answering every question just how you practiced!

If you and the interviewer will never see eye to eye.

This does tend to happen, sometimes it’s the interviewers way or the highway, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand strong behind every one of their opinions. Use words and phrases such as, ‘I understand’ and ‘I see your point of view.’ Being able to express you AT LEAST understand where they are coming from will favor you in better lighting, without making you drop all your opinions and views at the door.

The interviewer didn’t do their homework.

Unfortunately this happens, often. I once had someone interview me for the entirely wrong job and was then surprised when I had to point it out. So sometimes, its kind of a hassle to have to catch the interviewer up to speed on your resume when they already should have known your work experience, but take this as a positive. Take this opportunity to highlight your achievements and strong accomplishments so even if they didn’t read your resume they can hear exactly what you can bring to the table directly from your answer.

If your interviewer looks bored or uninterested.

Unfortunately this happens as well. You’re their umpteenth interview this week and boredom is beginning to take over. Switch the tables on them. Ask them some open-ended questions about the job such as ‘What type of specific skills are needed?,’ ‘what type of previous work experience would you like to see for this position?’ or ‘what are the responsibilities of this role?’ By asking these questions to the interviewer, you will gain valuable information on what should be expected, and it will show your genuine interest in the role.

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Now, there are times that the above won’t help you when saving your interview. Such as if the interview is already over and you should have said something different. Try these tips:

Contact a mutual friend or colleague.

Did someone you know help you land the interview? They could already know of your awesome potential and do some much-needed damage control on your flop of an interview. I would contact them, explain the situation, and see what they can do. Caution: Definitely don’t put them in a tight spot and force them into helping you.

Call the HR department.

Usually, when you are getting ready to finish an interview, the interviewer hands you their business card and recommends calling them if you have any additional questions. This could be an excellent resource if you froze on a question and gave an impartial answer. Caution: Don’t overload their inbox or voicemail either; use this only to explain a question or situation you don’t feel you handled correctly. Now, my favorite and always a must do, no matter if you bombed your interview or passed with flying colors, is to write a thank you! We wrote two blogs dedicated to WHY you should write one and HOW to write one. So, you’re out of excuses as to why you can’t/shouldn’t. Plus, this is a perfect opportunity to tie up any lose ends, fix any interview mistakes and to thank them for their time.

Now you tell us! How have you saved an interview in the past?

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