Your Satisfaction Score for Your Permanent & Temporary Placed Talent

What is your most recent satisfaction score?

Higher Satisfaction = Higher Retention Rates

‘A happy employee is a productive employee.’ Did you know: when employees feel valued they make customers happy and then they are more likely to remain loyal to their employers? Nowadays, employee retention is on every HR’s ‘to-do list,’ and it should be a concern for you too. So, when looking for your insurance staffing company, be sure to ask them: ‘what is your most recent satisfaction score for your permanent and temporary talent?’ – before committing to them and their staffing services.

The staffing industry average satisfaction score for both permanent and temporary placed talent is 30%. A company that has been awarded the ‘Best of Staffing’ for talent has a minimum Net Promoter Score of 50%. When you ask for the insurance staffing company’s satisfaction score you will be able to determine where they fall in overall employee/talent satisfaction. This score will help you determine if they will be able to provide you with the dedicated talent your company needs.

How can you ensure Satisfaction?

Here at TheBestIRS, we take our candidates satisfaction very seriously. Our talent is what makes us the very best at what we do. For five years, we have won Inavero’s ‘Best of Staffing’ for talent by receiving a 9 or 10 out of 10 from 80% of survey participants; far surpassing the industry average of 17%. We are continuously making improvements to our processes to better assist, educate and employ talent. From assisting with licensing, revamping resumes or prepping candidates for interviews, we always focus on successful end results. 

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This level of satisfaction ensures our talent stays with us. It is our insurance recruiter’s top priority to match a candidate’s qualifications with the type of company the individual wants to be part of. TheBestIRS has some of the very finest recruiters who make us the very best insurance staffing company. Because of them and our services, we have a high volume of talent who return for additional assignments. Our satisfied talent means reliable, enthusiastic staff for you.‘A happy employee is a productive employee’ and that’s exactly what TheBestIRS will provide for you. TheBestIRS is your chosen insurance staffing company because our talent is the very best!

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