10 rules for a great relationship with your Insurance Recruiter

10 rules for a great relationship with insurance recruiters

Whether you’re starting a new relationship with your insurance recruiter, or working on an existing one, there are guidelines to nurture the relationship. Every successful alliance needs trust and support, so check out these 10 rules our insurance recruiters say job seekers should try and follow:

10. Start your new insurance job with perfect attendance. 
When you’re starting a new job, it’s important to get off on the right foot. Which means not scheduling eye appointments, oil changes or family vacations during your first 90 days. Our insurance recruiters understand that emergencies happen, but situations that can be avoided, should be at all costs. Get to your insurance job on time, every day and make us proud! 

9. Be attentive during your interview preparation slot with your insurance recruiter. 
Preparing you for your interview is part of what we do, so be wise and take our advice! Our insurance recruiters think you will be a great fit for this job or else they wouldn’t have submitted you. So, when we are working hard to make sure you’re properly prepared – be attentive to our suggestions, ask questions and listen to our feedback. 

8. Ask an insurance recruiter for advice and follow it. 
This is an important rule when working with one of our recruiters, or any recruiter for that matter. If you ask for advice and you follow it that helps to instill trust between both parties. Faith between candidate and insurance recruiter helps foster that all important relationship.

 7. Be motivated by something other than money. 
Insurance recruiters want candidates who are excited about something other than their paycheck. Yes, would it be great if that insurance job you’re interviewing for paid more than expected, but should it be your main concern? Our insurance recruiters say ‘no’. Instead, be motivated by a new employer, the new skills you’ll attain, or new co-workers!

6. Follow up with your insurance recruiter in a timely manner. 
When you’re attempting to begin or maintain a relationship with an insurance recruiter, don’t blow them off. We know people get busy and things come up, but if the insurance recruiter called, make time to get back to them. Likewise, if you’re having second thoughts about a job offer or if you have concerns about an assignment, don’t wait until the last minute to follow up. Call your insurance recruiter and let them know what’s going on. 

5. Be on time for your job interview.
It’s that simple. Be on time (and by on time, we mean 15 minutes early) to your insurance job interview. If you have to cancel, make sure you give 24 hours notice so your recruiter can get your interview rescheduled promptly.

4. Be knowledgeable about your current licenses. 
Job seekers who know which licenses they hold and when they expire, are our favorite people. Make it easier on everyone, including yourself – know the details of your insurance licenses. Did you get them from your current employer or did you already apply for your Independent Adjuster license? Being in-the-know shows your recruiter you’re a professional.

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3. Have reasonable expectations with your insurance recruiter. 
While insurance recruiters can offer great advice, fix your resume and prepare you for your interview, they can’t fire your annoying supervisor or re-route the city bus system so you get dropped off first in the mornings.

2. Be honest with your insurance recruiter.
To maintain a great relationship with your insurance recruiter, be forthcoming with them. Lying always backfires; whether you’re lying about your educational background or about which companies you’ve already applied to. This is a sure fire way for you to lose the respect and trust of your recruiter.

1. Have reliable transportation. 
Whether you have a car or you ride the same bus or train to work, have a reliable way to get to work on time, all the time. This is extremely important for all candidates and job seekers.

While these are rules our insurance recruiters would like job seekers to follow, what kinds of rules do you think recruiters should follow? If you’re a hiring manager, what type of rules do you follow to foster good relationships with job candidates and new recruits? 

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