What role do rates play when selecting an insurance staffing company?

What role do rates play when selecting an insurance staffing company?

This is part four of answering Inavero’s seven questions on ‘how to hire the right staffing and recruiting firm.

Customers rarely want to pay more for a service if they can’t see the additional benefits they’ll be receiving, so comparing various insurance staffing agencies in terms of pricing can be useful. However, what types of resources will the insurance staffing agency use to find you the BEST talent for your buck? A discounted rate on services is only good if the company can actually source the candidates you want. So, what should you bear in mind when:

The rates are higher than other insurance staffing companies.

Paying more for an insurance staffing service isn’t always a bad thing – if that company can deliver the candidates you want, when you want them. Insurance staffing is a unique market so it’s important to understand challenges such as the demand for claims adjusters being very high, while supply is very low. You need an insurance staffing company that can source the best candidates, with the right skills, at the right time.

If a catastrophe hits, you’ll need claims adjusters ready to deploy within 24 hours or perhaps you’ll need to place a supervisor within 2 weeks. In such times, the price you pay can be worth it. A staffing firm able to tap every available resource to find the best claims adjuster is no easy feat! Not every candidate has the necessary skills or education requirements your company will want and the longer the vacancy goes unfilled, the longer you’ll lose money. So it’s important to hire an insurance staffing firm capable of filling that desk quickly.

The rates are lower than other insurance staffing companies.

We all love a steal, especially when it’s for a service we already have the budget for. Insurance staffing companies need to stay competitive, so you will come across some that claim to have the lowest prices. Paying less can be a great thing, but if the staffing firm makes promises to staff your company with claims adjusters but then fails to produce them, you’ve wasted your time – and their discounted rate ultimately means nothing. So, verify they can staff in all your locations and get a taste of the types of candidates they will be providing. That part should be free.  A great insurance staffing company will only require payment if you hire their candidate. Plus there are other things that you can get free with a staffing company: you should be able to go through the interviewing process before you have to pay a dime. Only pay when you decide to buy! Proper service allows you to be satisfied in your selection before offering the job.

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The rates are about the same as other insurance staffing companies.

If the insurance staffing companies you are considering provide similar services and rates, take a few extra steps to make your final decision on which agency to hire. Find out how their claims adjusters feel about them. Since price is irrelevant until the final product is delivered, what else are they offering? 24 hour a day/7 days a week service? Are they taking care of the Workers’ Compensation or health insurance? What if the claims adjuster proves to be a poor fit? Will they replace them for free? Be thorough so that you make an informed decision for you and your company.

Here at TheBestIRS, we want our clients to be 100% satisfied with their choice in us as a partner. 

That’s why we guarantee our service, value, and talent! We understand it’s a new situation for many of our clients to rely on an insurance staffing company for their hiring, so we aim to over-deliver. You’ll receive the best value for money with TheBestIRS. Our recruiters draw upon every accessible means to find the top adjusters, managers, and other insurance professionals. We provide the proper coaching for our candidates and run full background checks prior to submitting resumes for your approval. When candidates are on temporary assignment, we handle everything (literally) and will replace the employee if they don’t work out. We know price is always a concern, so we guarantee our prices and the candidates we provide you.

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