Resume Gaps: What to Do to Get Noticed

The past few years have changed the economy, the workforce, and how much we have come to expect from each other. Candidates look at their resumes and wonder how to make them stand out amongst the unemployment gaps and overqualified positions they accepted during times of need. Employers are becoming more understanding of unemployment gaps, but enhancing your resume during your free time might well be a wise move…

Take a class to keep your skills sharp.

This will help you make connections and stay acquainted with your industry. You’ll inevitably meet new people, perhaps learn some trade secrets, and hopefully, get a LinkedIn invitation or two during the process.

Try putting your degree to good use by volunteering in your community.

Charitable organizations might ask advice about how to create a feasible budget or they may seek your help with their PR. The good deed was done? Yes. Add it to your resume? Absolutely!

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Channel your creative side by creating a professional blog to show off your expertise.

There are thousands of great and some not-so-great blogs out there, but overall, people are still reading and offering their critique.

Accept a temporary or contract assignment.

Branching out in this way might even help you enter another field. Depending on your qualifications and position demand, you could increase your income AND add another skill to your resume!

Having an unemployment gap on your resume doesn’t mean ‘game over’. Employers are more lenient than ever but that doesn’t mean you should accept your slump and expect a dream job to knock on your door. Get out, connect with people, and find the career you want! Got other ideas? Let us know! 

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