Resister, Coaster, Improver, Tryer or Achiever: Which one are you?

Claims Adjuster, are you a resister?

Jock. Cheerleader. Geek. Skater. While we might drop these tags when we leave high school, believe it or not, a different peer ranking system exists in the work place. I’m guessing you’re shaking your head in frustration. Are you thinking: ‘we’re all on equal playing fields in my department?’ Well unfortunately, you’re not. The workplace and our work ethic often divides us into categories, even if we are not initially aware of them. Carl Van did an excellent job coming up with these categories in his book, ‘The 8 Characteristics of the Awesome Adjuster.’ Because of these categories, your bosses are likely taking notice – especially when they are considering who to direct money, time and resources to. So, where do you fall? Which type of employee and co-worker are you?

The Resister: 

This is the employee who attends the mandatory training sessions and reads the required books. After a training session this claims adjuster will get to work persuading fellow claims adjusters why all the topics of discussion won’t work. The resister is the immobile employee that will do just enough to get by (and stay employed), but will never be a top performer and will always resist change.

The Coaster: 

This employee learns valuable information to help improve job performance. The coaster will acknowledge the value and has good intentions to apply these changes, but goes right back to doing the job the same as BEFORE. The coaster isn’t a resister but still doesn’t put the learned changes into action.

The Improver: 

This claims adjuster attends trainings; learns something new and considers how to make improvements in the job. The improver is the one to make changes even when co-workers don’t. This employee will work to improve and will easily adapt and accept change within the organization.

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The unique thing about improvers is that they can be divided even further into tryers and achievers:

The Tryer: 

This claim adjuster takes the information, attempts to make a change and when it doesn’t work out perfectly, quits. The Tryer is still a great employee and works hard, but will just give up when a change doesn’t work exactly as planned.

The Achiever:

 This is the employee and co-worker that accepts change and looks for ways to make improvements. He or she will become a successful leader and the one to help facilitate change throughout the company. Achievers are a small portion of your employees, but they are the ones you should spend your time, training and ultimately, money on since they will bring about the most positive change in your company.

Now, after reading this it might be fun to categorize everyone in your office into the 5 groups, but first you should figure out which type of employee you are. Are you a Coaster, doing just enough not to get fired? Are you the Improver who reads books outside of work to find ways to refine processes around your office? If you are a Resister or Coaster, does admitting you have a work ethic problem make you want to change? Are you content with not making your work your passion? For those of you that are Achievers, do you find the need to do a great job in everything you do?

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