‘What recruiting expertise do you have in my industry?’

Ask them 'What recruiting expertise do you have in my industry?'

This is part one of answering Inavero’s seven questions on how to hire the right staffing and recruiting firm.

Securing talent for your company can be a time-consuming and tricky process. If you want to find an insurance staffing company that’s a great fit for your company and your unique culture, you need to ask the right questions. Inavero devised 7 questions to ponder before hiring a staffing agency, the first one being: ‘What expertise do you have with recruiting in my industry?’. So, how does one know if a staffing firm is indeed an ‘expert’ in insurance recruiting?

Does the staffing firm attend industry events?
Attending industry events within the insurance world is a necessity because of it is an ever-changing industry. Rules and regulations are updated almost daily (or so it seems!) and a good staffing firm will stay fully aware.

TheBestIRS is always attending new events across the country, as well as our conference favorites so we can stay in the know. Whether companies are aware of TheBestIRS or not, we make sure that we’re available to them at numerous events so they can learn about our insurance staffing. Clients can become acquainted with us and candidates can learn about our insurance recruiting services.

Has the staffing firm filled positions for your competitor? 
It might be useful to know which company your competitor uses for insurance staffing. While you don’t have to necessarily take the “if it’s good enough for them…” attitude, but it is likely worth your time to look into that same staffing company and its credentials.

TheBestIRS works with hundreds of clients that range from insurance companies to TPA’s to even non-insurance related businesses, such as restaurants. We assist businesses across the country that need insurance staffing to fill their many open positions. While finding out if your competitors use TheBestIRS could help in the decision-making process, using our free insurance staffing services could be of more assistance to you (find out more about our free services here).

Is the staffing company familiar with your location? 
Depending on whether you are located in multiple cities or states could make a big difference in the insurance staffing company you choose. You need an insurance staffing company that knows the recruiting region so that they are in sync with living costs, the best ways to commute and if it’s a temporary assignment – they can assist easier with finding rentals. A good staffing company will possess knowledge of the locality and the competitors you face. Candidates are more likely to trust well informed/knowledgeable insurance recruiters.

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TheBestIRS prides itself in having an insurance recruiting presence in all of the major markets, which is a huge asset to our clients. Our insurance recruiters know the areas they’re recruiting in which helps with the overall best fit of candidate and insurance job. When you’re looking for an insurance staffing company, you can rest assured our company and our insurance recruiters will be able to find you only the very best candidates.

Here at TheBestIRS, we’re experts in the insurance industry because this is the niche market that we’ve been dominating for over 20 years. We’re attendees at insurance industry events all over the US and are present at most insurance conferences and trade shows. We know that finding the right staffing company can take some work, which is why you should try our insurance staffing services for free! That’s right – for free! You don’t pay until you have decided our candidate is the absolute very best for the job.

What questions do YOU have when it comes to finding an insurance staffing company? Let us know below!

Next week we’ll tackle the second question posed by Inavero:What was your turnover rate for internal staff last year?

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