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Why You Need TheBestIRS Insurance Job Alerts

Our insurance job alerts are sent straight to your inbox when your qualifications are a match, so no job seeking is necessary. Just hit reply when you are ready to hear more to save your time and energy for the actual interview. Once you reply, one of our knowledgeable recruiters will be in touch with you to go over your qualifications more in-depth.

Opt-In for Insurance Job Alerts

Some candidates have noticed Job Alerts ending up in their promotions, forum, or other folders. Make sure you’re the first to receive all of our newest jobs, by Whitelisting TheBestIRS. Below you will find instructions on how to Whitelist insurance job alerts for Gmail and Outlook.

Instructions for Whitelisting TheBestIRS for Gmail

1.  Click the gear icon (Settings) in the right corner of your Gmail Account.

2. Click ‘Settings.’

3. Click on ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses.’

4. If you have already added any filters or blocked addresses, you’ll have to scroll down but look for a link that says, ‘Create a new filter.’

5. If you want to whitelist an email address you’ll need to type in the full email such as However, if you want to whitelist all emails that come from TheBestIRS (which we recommend!), you’ll add It should look like the below:

6.  After you click, ‘Create filter,’ you’ll be directed to another popup box to add addition filters/settings for whitelisting the email address but you don’t have to do anything else if you choose not to.5.

7.  To save time, if you want to whitelist numerous email addresses, no need to keep repeating the same steps over and over again.

Add in a break like this: | |

Instructions for Whitelisting TheBestIRS on Outlook

1. Open an Email from TheBestIRS

2. Right-click on the sender’s name (, and click “Add to Outlook Contacts”

3. Select Save

4. Select the Tools Menu, and press “Options”

5. Then go to the preferences tab, go to E-mail, click “Junk E-Mail”

6. Select the Safe Senders Tab

7. Click the “Also trust e-mail from my Contacts” checkbox

8. Your TheBestIRS insurance job alerts will now arrive safely in your inbox 


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If you’re still not receiving our insurance job alerts, comment below.


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