Five Qualities our Insurance Recruiters want Candidates to Possess for Claims Jobs

5 qualities our insurance recruiters want candidates to have for our claims jobs.

What qualities should candidates possess for any of our claims jobs?

1. A sense of urgency.

Insurance recruiters appreciate a candidate who possesses a sense of urgency. We understand not everyone can answer their phone on the first ring or reply to an email within seconds, but a timely response is valued. The world has become so fast-paced that almost everything is available at your fingertips, and this includes your next claims job – so be prepared. If you’re sending your resume to an insurance recruiter or submitting applications online, be ready to answer the phone or reply to email inquiries in a timely manner. If you take days to respond, you’re more likely to lose the opportunity to someone who’s more on-the-ball.

2. Possess the willingness to listen.

Be willing to listen to details about claims jobs – even if you’re not sure they’re the right fit. Not every career we have on our job board will be a perfect match for you – and that’s okay! All our insurance recruiters ask is that candidates are open to new possibilities. We’ve had candidates think they didn’t have the necessary skill set to become managers, when in fact they were just what our clients were looking for. So, even if you’re not sure you possess the right skills or if the position will be a right fit for you, listen to your insurance recruiter with an open mind anyway. You can always sleep on it before you decide if one of our claims jobs is for you.

3. Honesty.

Insurance recruiters definitely want candidates to be honest. Unfortunately, our recruiters run into candidates who try to tell a fib or two. Candidates might say they want to take a temporary assignment three states away, that they possess a Masters Degree, or that they would love to work for one of our clients – when in fact those things couldn’t be further from the truth. When candidates aren’t honest with their insurance recruiter, it creates barriers between the two parties, thus making the claims job placement process very difficult. If a candidate lies to an insurance recruiter, it makes it tough to continue that working relationship. Keep that in mind when you think a little fib or two won’t be an obstacle between you and the claims job you want.

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4. Be a job seeker who can show excitement.

Insurance recruiters want candidates to be excited. It’s that simple. Look forward to a new career. Spread positivity. Be a leader. Show enthusiasm. Showing you’re excited for a new claims job makes recruiters want to work with you.

5. Have trust in their Insurance Recruiters

Our insurance recruiters like candidates who trust us enough to refer friends and colleagues. Referrals show you trust us with the careers of others as well as your own. Developing a solid relationship between insurance recruiter and candidate is a strong professional tie that’s necessary for both to be successful. Our recruiters only want to place candidates in the best possible assignment because if it’s not a great fit, it won’t work out for our client either. While it’s not essential to refer your friends and colleagues – if you like your insurance recruiter, why not? Help others find their next claims job too!

After you hit ‘submit’ or ‘apply’ on your next insurance job application, keep these five qualities in mind. What other candidate skills do you think insurance recruiters look for?
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  1. I am intrigued by the statement that you made and is also true if you apply yourself so will your job be applied to you and you also must love what you do to have pride in the job that you take, don’t take it if you have no intention on doing it right if the recruiter has reached out to you to handle his client and the client customer service handle it, not your way it’s their way. It’s not about the Speed it’s about efficiency and being in compliance. Because after all being said at the top of this list the customer is number one. (Herman L Hall)

    1. Being in Real Estate for 15+ years, you are 100% correct, it is all about the customer !! Without them you don’t have a career. That was the reason I became a Realtor, to help people. I love being a Realtor but this just seems to be a priority right now. There’s so many people without homes, all of their belongings are gone, everything. It is just sad to see the destruction that was done. I just want to help and I am ready to go out and do my best. Hoping that the
      Insurance Companies will welcome a newby who is ready to serve an opportunity.
      Phyllis White -Fort Worth, Tx

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