Prepare for a Blizzard with these Safety Tips.

Safety Tips for How to Handle a Blizzard

Unfortunately, the winter season isn’t all about roasting chestnuts in front of an open fire. Many must endure snow for several months of the year, and while a snowy landscape can be very beautiful, its appeal quickly diminishes when we realize what an inconvenience it can be. Growing up in Iowa, I saw my fair share of blizzards. I loved snow days, but just wished they could have been minus the snow. I would lounge in my pajamas, sip hot cocoa and watch movies all day long – while the streets got shoveled. Kids might be oblivious to the inconveniences of such times, but for adults, the following tips might come in handy:

Do not travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Trying to maneuver during a blizzard can be almost impossible. Roads are blocked, it’s slick and you can barely see. I recommend staying inside until the roads have been cleared. If you must drive, then…

Pack a ‘Blizzard Safety Kit’. 

The kit should contain essentials such as blankets, a heavy-duty flashlight, extra batteries, bottles of water and packets of crackers or chips. Pack a spare to keep in a hallway closet. You never know when out of town visitors might appreciate a kit of their own, or you can keep the extra one on-hand in case of a power outage at home. Place your car kit in an easily accessible place.

Before shoveling the driveway – stretch!

Shoveling a driveway is the worst. My dad would always stretch before the arduous task. Why? So as not to pull a muscle. Smart move I think.

Was your house or car damaged by the blizzard? 

After the snow, when it’s safe for you to step outside, perform an inspection of your property. If there has been damage to your car or home; report the claim to your insurance company immediately. The faster you report the claim, the more promptly it can be processed.

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A few more tips for blizzard season:

  • Keep shovels and ice scrapers at hand – both in your car and at home.
  • Keep your cell phone charged while driving.
  • Let family and friends know if and when you’ll be driving. Touch base with them when you have reached your destination.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete any journey.

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