Cats or Dogs?: Fido Might Rat You Out at Your Next Interview

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

It’s the ancient argument: are you a cat or a dog person? Everyone typically has a side and they are typically passionate about hating on their opponents. CNN Health posted information on this study that shows pet preference could give an interviewer a good indication of what to expect from a potential employee. For instance, the study suggested that a higher percentage of cat owners had college degrees and showed that they were more trustworthy. Dog lovers however, tended to be more outgoing, social, and more self-confident.
Do Your References Really Matter?

Should Employers Consider This?

There have even been studies to compare different breeds and what employers should expect from job candidates, based upon the findings. Indeed, there may be truth to this study, but what about those of us that prefer other types of pets or truly don’t have a preference? I would be happy with any type of furry friend. What would that say about me in an interview? I used to have chinchillas; so would employers see me as being unique, or just plain strange?!

Can our pet preferences really determine the type of employee we would be? Depending on whether we have a Fido or Sylvester waiting for us at home, do you think this might relate to the types of hobbies we might enjoy, or the lifestyle choices we might make? Should employers start digging more into this? Let us know your thoughts on this topic!

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