Our Clients Hire TheBestIRS Over Someone Else Because…

Why do our clients hire TheBestIRS over others.

While staffing and recruiting for insurance professionals might be a new concept to people outside our industry, many veterans know and choose TheBestIRS for their staffing needs. When you’re looking for a company to handle your direct hire recruiting and temporary staffing, you have questions such as, ‘What sets you apart from your competitors?’ or ‘why can’t I just find my own claims adjusters?’ We answer with: ‘our clients hire TheBestIRS over someone else because…’

We are in EVERY region.

Many prospective clients ask us if we have a lot of competitors but because we operate on a national scale, we don’t! While there are staffing companies in the regions we work in, none offer their services throughout the country like we do.

We do insurance staffing, period.

Many staffing companies tend to offer additional services such as staffing for marketing or IT positions, however here at TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists we stick to what we’ve been doing best for over 20 years.

They’ve come to trust our work.

Our clients keep coming back because they know they can trust us to get their positions staffed quickly and effectively. While reading about our company, some clients might think our 24/7/365 availability is just a marketing gimmick, but they soon come to learn it’s who we are and what we do. They know that the candidates we find them will be exactly what they’re looking for time and time again, leading them to trust us with their biggest insurance staffing needs.


When clients attend our industry’s biggest trade shows and conferences, they count on TheBestIRS being there too. Industry leaders rely on our insurance recruiters to staff their insurance jobs. Since they’ve worked for many years with our insurance recruiters, they know they can depend upon them and trust them. Our dependability has kept clients coming back for years.

If insurance staffing is new to you, know that we offer the services you need to assist you in your job hiring process. Have you thought about using our services or do you know a hiring manager who could use our help? Contact TheBestIRS today or visit our website at TheBestIRS.com today! We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services and the value we may add to your organization.

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