New Wearable Safety Gear for Claims Adjusters

Being a Claims Adjuster can be an exciting yet dangerous job. It often requires claims adjusters to put themselves in dangerous situations to assess the damage. However, there are ways you can protect yourself from unnecessary risks.

For example, if assessing fire damage, using a respirator can help claims adjusters prevent inhalation of smoke. Another hazard of the job is when assessing roof damage, you’re at risk of slipping or falling.

There are a number of products & equipment on the market to assist claims adjusters in safely accessing roofs. There are specialty footwear, access equipment, rope & harness equipment, roof access training and many other products & equipment.

Today, we will highlight Steepgear and their solution to help prevent slipping and falling off a roof. Steepgear has created safety clothing with grip technology. According to their website, Steepgear reports that “34% of construction-related fatalities are caused by falling from roofs, of which 45% are from the edge of the roof”.

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While Steepgear cannot completely eliminate the risk of falling, it can significantly help reduce the likelihood. Steepgear shorts use a non-latex rubber pattern which is able to grip to almost all dry surfaces. Not convinced yet? Check out this awesome video showing the shorts in action on different roof services.

An additional way to ensure you’re safe while on roofs would be to complete a Rope and Harness & Ladder Safety Course. This course will help prepare you to be more careful while climbing roofs and work more safely.

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