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The past few years have been very exciting for both our recruiters and job seekers looking for a new insurance job across the country. TheBestIRS has received an influx of requests in New York, Washington and Texas, and we’ve successfully placed many talented and skilled candidates. We also have a lot of new insurance personnel to onboard, and we need to get it done fast.

‘Welcome aboard.’

Pretty exciting words to hear from your dedicated recruiter, right? All of your hard work has paid off. You nailed the interview, received the offer and you’re getting ready to start your next insurance job. Everything is coming together and you can’t wait to start, but you have a few more things to do BEFORE starting. Here are a few tips to make sure your transition to TheBestIRS is an easy and successful one:

Check your email.

After you get off the phone with your recruiter, keep an eye on your inbox. Our Operations department sends out important documents to all new staff members, and these are crucial to you starting your assignment on time. While we are just as excited as you to get started, we do need all of your paperwork so we can get you set up in our system. Make sure you read your email completely because it goes over instructions on which forms to fill out, where to send them and what the deadlines are. 

A few common issues we have with our claims adjusters are:

  • Forgetting to send a voided check for your direct deposit. If you want to get paid, we need the check!
  • Not reading the introductory email in its entirety. Please read your email and contact us if you have any questions.

Now it’s time to get paid!

You’re working hard at your insurance job in Washington, Texas or maybe New York and you’ll soon be rewarded. Since you successfully submitted your new hire paperwork to our Operations department, your background check is completed and you’ll have received an email from Payroll to submit your hours for the first time. Your hours must be submitted EVERY Monday by 10am to ensure you’re paid on time. If you ever have questions or problems you should contact our Payroll department immediately. Hours not submitted by the deadline will rollover to the following week’s payroll.

While this process is familiar to many of our candidates, it can be a bit overwhelming for our new employees. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to make it simpler. Can you think of any other tips to make onboarding with TheBestIRS easier? Let us know! 

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