Starting a new Insurance job? Why you should strive to be likable.

Why you should strive to be likable at your insurance job.

Why You Should Strive to be Likable at Your New Insurance Job.

Claims adjuster, do you want to make a good impression at your new insurance job? Becoming a new employee is both nerve-racking as well as exciting, so it makes sense you want to make a solid first impression. Besides knowing your insurance job like the back of your hand, how else can you stand out? By being likable. Showing colleagues how friendly of a peer you are is important to your insurance job, but why does it matter?

You don’t get to re-do your first impression. 

This is great advice for a claims adjuster or any new employee because it’s the absolute truth. You only get one chance at making your first impression and so you need to make it count at your insurance job. Be sure to offer a firm handshake, plenty of eye contact, a nice smile, and a clear introduction of your name.

Improves morale.

Have you ever been in an office where co-workers cannot or will not get along? It makes for a very awkward, tense and unproductive day for everyone. By being likable right away, you take the fear away of whether you’ll be a nuisance or an asset to the team. Having a positive, friendly attitude can improve team morale, and it will make going to your insurance job every day, that much more enjoyable.

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Claims adjuster, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

If you’re known for being a likable claims adjuster, more people will want to help you succeed. People want to help the friendly co-worker complete his or her tasks. By being that likable claims adjuster, you’ll get people behind you who can assist, support and mentor you.

A manager will look at a likable claims adjuster more favorably than peers.

According to a blog from CareerBuilder, ‘managers often view workers who get along well with their colleagues in a positive light.’ Many of you might be wondering why that matters. Work shouldn’t be a popularity contest, right? While that may be true, managers want a claims adjuster who can get along well with others. They want a cohesive team who can get the insurance job done in a pleasant and positive way.

Don’t confuse likability with friendship.

The biggest misconception with being likable at your insurance job is that you want to make everyone your new best friend, which isn’t true. If you’re likable, it’s because you’re hardworking, respectful, and an all-around team player at the office but that doesn’t mean you’ll be attending happy hour with everyone, or inviting them to your kids’ birthday party. However, by being likable, you make for a better work environment for every claims adjuster around you.

Attitude is Free.

Here at TheBestIRS, our whole company incorporates the Attitude is Free ideology into their daily routine. You would have to work hard to find someone here without a smile. Show them that ‘Attitude is Free®’ and you’ll accomplish more!

Do you think it’s important to be likable right away at your insurance job? As a claims adjuster, do you think it matters? Let us know in the comments below. Sign up for TheBestIRS Insurance Job Alerts

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