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Keep reading to learn about the steps you should take when you need IA’s.

Did you know that this year the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1st? Were you aware that hurricane season has been lasting longer each year? While some Independent Adjusting companies aren’t even thinking about the upcoming hurricane season, TheBestIRS is different. We assist clients throughout the year with both their inside claims and daily claims. Additionally, we are always proactive in preparing for the influx of Independent Adjuster requests that we receive. While TheBestIRS knows what to do to prepare, many of our clients do not. What steps should you be taking now, to ensure you will not be understaffed when the time comes?

1. Research an Independent Adjusting company.
If you’ve used an Independent Adjusting firm in the past, it’s a good idea to explore the options available to you now. What differentiates TheBestIRS from other Independent Adjusting companies is that we are proactively seeking independent adjusters constantly. Others wait until a catastrophic event has occurred to begin seeking qualified and licensed independent adjusters, while TheBestIRS is enlisting year-round. We recruit independent adjusters every day of the year making our pool of candidates the deepest you will find in the market.

2. Provide the right information when you need to hire Independent Adjusters.
Whether you need to hire 1 or 1000 independent adjusters, you need to provide the IA company with the correct information – so they may fulfill your order accurately and timely. So, what type of information is necessary? What type of estimating software your company uses for personal, commercial property or auto claims? TheBestIRS needs to know, so we can find Independent Adjusters with the experience that will enable them to hit the floor running.

Additionally, provide the Independent Adjusting company the following:

  • Location the IA’s will be working
  • How many claims we will be handling
  • When you would like the IA’s deployed

3. Use the company’s Independent Adjusting services before you need to rely on a huge order.
Before hurricane season hits or you experience an unexpected need for adjusters to handle daily claims, casually try out the IA company. Put them to the test on a small order to see how they perform. Seeing if they can fulfill your small order will help you gauge how they will react to a larger request of IA’s. This will help solidify your decision about whether they are the IA company for you. If they are not the right fit, keep looking.

With hurricane season almost upon us, it’s a good idea to be proactive like TheBestIRS. Find an IA company who can not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Are you ready to find out what it would take to partner with TheBestIRS?

For more information on how TheBestIRS can assist you with both your Independent Adjusting and day-to-day claims handling read TheBestIRS Catastrophe eBook.
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