How do you measure your client satisfaction and what is your score?

How do you measure client satisfaction?

When it comes to making a purchase, sometimes it’s the cold, hard facts that eventually sway us. A company can sell you on their products until they are blue in the face but you’ll still be unconvinced. I experienced this just recently when my roommate tried to sell me her make-up line. Every other day she gushed about some lotion that would give me baby soft skin. I’d been skeptical about making a purchase until one day my boss told me about this amazing mask she’d been using (and one that my roommate happened to sell). After hearing her glowing review, I thought the mask was worth a try. So, my point is that my roommate loves the products she sells but it wasn’t until I heard someone else rave about them, that I reconsidered. This brings me to Inavero’s question, ‘how do you measure your client satisfaction and what is your most recent satisfaction score?’

Checking out an insurance staffing company’s most recent satisfaction score is one of the greatest weapons you can have in your arsenal.

Check out an unbiased company such as Inavero, whose position is to provide an annual industry standard among staffing companies. Inavero receives feedback from the clients of insurance staffing and other staffing companies and then the organization compiles responses and ratings. If the insurance staffing company meets the minimum Net Promoter Score of 50% (more than double the industry average), they are awarded the ‘Best of Staffing’ title.  Check out Inavero’s most recent list of winners here.

Find customer reviews to compare insurance staffing companies.

Ask the insurance staffing company to provide testimonials and look online for reviews. Inavero recommends obtaining at least three testimonials. If the company’s website has testimonials – look at those, but I also recommend looking in a variety of other online places. LinkedIn and Glassdoor are two other great resources for client and service reviews.

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Listening to my roommate go on and on about her amazing make-up line didn’t ultimately make me an avid consumer, just as an insurance staffing company boasting about their services won’t necessarily make you choose them. I needed to hear that rave review from an unbiased source, just like you need to know that all-important satisfaction score. So, when considering an insurance staffing company, don’t be afraid to ask for their score and read some of their customer testimonials or probe for some reviews. That way, when you make your final choice on who to hire for your staffing needs, you’ll be making an informed decision.

As one of the top insurance staffing companies in the U.S., we are proud to have won Inavero’s ‘Best of Staffing’ for both client and talent satisfaction. TheBestIRS received 4.5 out of 5 stars from both our clients and insurance job seekers. Our testimonials are proudly displayed on our website, We value client feedback and always want to know how we can better improve our services.

What other factors would you take into consideration when comparing insurance staffing companies?

Check out Inavero’s last question, ‘what was your most recent satisfaction score for your permanent and temporary placed talent?’

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