5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine Brighter

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LinkedIn excels as one of the top recruiting and job-searching social platforms and it’s known by virtually every professional. Employers have also been flocking to create their social media presence on what is deemed ‘Facebook with a tie’ for quite some time because of the remarkable edge it gives both employees and employers. So, whether you’re job-searching, looking for great candidates, or you just want to ‘stay in the know’ on this business-tailored site, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable tools you should keep in your arsenal. The only thing to consider now is how to ensure you stand out amongst the million of other similar LinkedIn profiles:

1. Show you’re active on LinkedIn. 

• Share relevant industry articles and content regularly.
• Showoff new projects your company has recently completed or are in the process of working on.
• Upload your portfolio or projects you’ve worked on to showcase your talents.

2. Add a Picture. 

• Shine brighter by adding a smiling picture of yourself.
• A picture is a necessity on LinkedIn because it puts a face to a name.
• No one wants to stare at the little grey icon box.

3. Ask for recommendations from peers/former employers. 

• Everyone loves to receive a pat on the back. Let it be broadcast to the LinkedIn community!
• Ask for 1 – 2 really great recommendations from someone you are close to and would be happy to do so.
• Ask for recommendations on a variety of your skills.

4. Add Connections. 

• Connections on LinkedIn are your ‘in’ with companies you want to work for.
• Mutual connections will look great to interviewers.
• Connections can be references on your work history.
• Don’t go overboard connecting with everyone and their mother. Remember the saying: quality not quantity.

5. Be conscious of your writing style. 

• When you’re writing about yourself use a professional but relaxed voice.
• Write as if you’re introducing yourself.
• Don’t use overly formal language.
• Don’t use slang words like, ‘LOL,’ ‘dunzo,’ or other words you’d use with close friends.

Whether you’re a newbie to LinkedIn or you’re already at 500+ connections, there’s always something new to learn, a company to ‘follow’, and connections to be made. I’ve ‘virtually’ met numerous individuals from LinkedIn that have not only helped me but also some of my job-seeking friends. Harnessing the resources of LinkedIn can be a daunting task, but consider our five steps to make your profile irresistible to recruiters, hiring managers and your peers.Sign up for TheBestIRS Insurance Job Alerts

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  1. There are so many different ways to utilize LinkedIn as a business owner and entrepreneur. You definitely broke it down into sizable action steps and chunks! It really provides useful insights for those who are confused about the sector to enter.

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