Insurance Staffing Services: What’s all included?

What's all included with insurance staffing services?

Many of our clients come to us wondering, “What’s all included in your insurance staffing services?” When our clients consider opting in to our full service staffing solution for their open insurance jobs, they want to know exactly what they’re going to get. Of course, we understand they want to be prepared to justify why insurance staffing is a good option for their company. So, what actually is included in our insurance staffing services?

Uncovering talent wherever they may be: that is where we are. 

Our insurance staffing services come with the peace of mind that we will find the best talent for your company. Whether it be sending our recruiters to insurance conferences across the United States, sponsoring golf tournaments, or promoting our insurance jobs on popular job boards – we are everywhere great employees are. However, the very best candidates come from our own database that we will build through a network of referrals. If that great candidate isn’t in our database, someone knows that person who will refer him or her. No need to spend time going through resume after resume, we do that for you. Then we qualify the candidates and present you with only the very best. 

We help brand your company.

What many of our clients don’t realize is that by them using our insurance staffing services, they gain an additional, unforeseen benefit of us branding their company for them. When one of our recruiters begins checking to see if a candidate would be a good match within your company, they give them the whole pitch. Our recruiters will discuss your company’s amazing office culture, perks and benefits they would receive if they accepted an offer. Also, they are sharing what sets your company apart from your competitors with 25+ candidates for every insurance job we work on for you. These additional people may or may not have heard of your company or were unaware of your great culture. Not only are we your brand advocates but also we provide a third party endorsement of your company, which is even better! 

Our insurance recruiters truly are the best.

Our recruiters work around the clock to find the very best talent in the insurance industry. Their days are filled with locating the perfect candidate for your open or future insurance jobs. Their superior work ethic and skill ensures that our database is full of valuable, qualified candidates. Our exclusive database alone is enough to convince you and your boss that you need our insurance staffing services. 

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We get to the end result – fast.

Our recruiters know the skills our clients want and they do the ‘heavy lifting.’ The recruiters will be sourcing individuals, reviewing resumes, phone screening and then interviewing qualified candidates. We will sift out the under-qualified, half-interested or those with unrealistic salary expectations. Think of all the tasks you will accomplish rather than spending days or weeks trying to locate your next great employee.

TheBestIRS handles the typical responsibilities when hiring employees. 

No matter if you hire an employee yourself or if you enlist our insurance staffing services, there are still employer requirements that must be met. If you use our services for your insurance jobs then we take care of:

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance – you won’t have to worry about handling any possible claims because we are responsible.
  • Disability insurance.
  • Payroll processing services.
  • Health insurance – our employees are eligible for health insurance while they are on assignment.
  • Backgrounds and Pre-screening – TheBestIRS can run any background or pre-screening requirement you need.
TheBestIRS remains continually dedicated to investing in technology that will better service our clients. 

We offer a Job Alert program to notify candidates of new open insurance jobs in their area. We invest in services that will assist our recruiters and our support staff with accomplishing their jobs better and faster.

Whenever you’re considering a new product or service, you need to know what is all included. This way you’ll realize all the trouble you’ll be saving yourself and know insurance staffing is worth it. We have a motto, “you can’t out-work us,” and that rings true throughout every department in our organization. We get the job done.

Were you surprised at everything that’s included with insurance staffing for finding candidates for your open jobs? We are passionate about finding the right candidate for your open insurance jobs and can’t wait for the next opportunity to prove our worth.


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