Insurance Staffing: Five Hiring Mistakes You WON’T Make

Five Hiring Mistakes You Won't Make - Thanks to Your Insurance Staffing Company

Mistake #1: Thinking you know where to find the best claims adjusters.

An insurance staffing company enlists numerous resources to locate quality candidates, such as claims adjusters. 
Not only do we post our jobs on, but we also send out insurance job alerts to qualified candidates, as well as post them onto the most frequented search engines such as CareerBuilder, Great Insurance Jobs and Monster. Our insurance recruiters have extensive networks, which amount to 80% of our sourcing for our clients. They also utilize these networks by posting job openings to their LinkedIn profiles. Oftentimes, these long-term alliances are made up of managers, examiners, and even VP’s who have known our insurance recruiters for many years which allows TheBestIRS to find the very best claims adjusters for our clients.

Mistake #2: Thinking it’s all about money.

An insurance staffing company understands the many sides of a candidate’s job offer, and money isn’t even in the top 2. TheBestIRS knows there are other factors a claims adjuster will contemplate when considering a new position: company culture, benefits, career advancement and other small perks – these elements are all important in keeping an employee engaged long past the new job smell. 

Mistake #3: Not optimizing ‘who you know.’

An insurance staffing company excels because of their extensive network. Our insurance recruiters attend trade shows and local networking events where they meet hundreds of claims adjusters, managers and even professionals from outside this industry – thus broadening their reach. It’s these connections that make TheBestIRS stand out. Our insurance recruiters enlist over 600 new insurance professionals every week, and these individuals are simply not available through LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster or other job boards. We’re proud to continuously introduce our clients to new and experienced claims adjusters, many of which are exclusive to TheBestIRS.

Mistake #4: Unverified work product for a potential new employee.

An insurance staffing company knows candidates’ previous work product and accountability. We place high volumes of claims adjusters, so we recognize the importance of verifying work histories and references. We NEVER take short cuts. 

Mistake #5: Not having any assurance.

An insurance staffing company comes with a guarantee on the claims adjusters we provide. 
When TheBestIRS places claims adjusters, we guarantee work product and accountability. We promise you’ll be satisfied with your overall experience with us. If you’re not satisfied, our services come with a guarantee. 

What are you waiting for? Submit your employee request today and see what TheBestIRS can do for you!

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