Insurance Staffing: 4 Reasons It Helps Our Clients

Would you pay for insurance staffing? Why it makes sense.

Is staffing and recruiting for the claims industry an easy task?

Unfortunately for our clients, no, it’s not. That is why TheBestIRS chose to make this our niche market. We are one of the few companies that dedicate itself solely to staffing for insurance companies, SIP’s and TPA’s. However, we still understand the difficulties many of our clients face with insurance staffing. Is it worth the actual cost I’ll spend? How do I get my boss to agree to utilize this service? Will you be able to find candidates in every state we have a presence in? Here are four reasons why enlisting insurance staffing makes sense for your company:

1. Our recruiters know the market.

Companies looking to expand into different states usually have a hard time understanding the necessary requirements for hiring. Knowing the different types of licenses, experiences and designations that may or may not work for your company can be confusing. Furthermore, managers may not know the demand for insurance personnel in the new market, which could result in hiring issues. What’s the going rate for candidates in that area? What type of licenses will the candidates need? Our insurance staffing services handle all of your questions and concerns that come along with hiring candidates.

2. Our Recruiting Team finds you the employees you need. Now!

When a catastrophe hits or you’re opening a new office, you need candidates immediately. Hiring managers don’t typically have a network of thousands of candidates they can reach out to at a moment’s notice. TheBestIRS has a vast network that allows us to find the right candidates for you in less than 24 hours. Here at TheBestIRS, we have enhanced our technology so we can quickly move large volumes of candidates through the hiring process and get them working for you exactly when you need them!

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3. Insurance staffing helps our clients hire direct. 

We’ve had our fair share of unique requests but we’ve been able to fulfill them because of our network and reputation. In today’s market, there are more jobs than skilled professionals available. TheBestIRS Recruiting Team locates and places skilled insurance professionals in positions ranging from administrative roles to C-Level Executive. Our network continues to multiply and is therefore unbeatable by other insurance staffing companies out there. Put us to work. It doesn’t cost you to have us begin our search for your employment vacancy.

4. Our insurance staffing services get the job done quick!

We understand that for every second your position is vacant, you’re losing money. Client need is our priority and therefore, we work diligently to keep your business going and fill that position quickly.  TheBestIRS team is the best choice if you desire passion, focus, and dedication to your employment opportunity. Our Recruiting Team and Support Staff get the job done.

We have knowledgeable recruiters, the most advanced technology resources as well as a full Support Department to assist our candidates. There you have it. Proof that insurance staffing is a must-have for your company. Those companies that choose to create room in their budget to include our services are making a smart, practical and efficient decision; one that will help grow their business.

Are you interested in trying out TheBestIRS? Try one of these options and pay ZERO up front:
1. You can enlist help on a specific job to hire directly into your company.
2. TheBestIRS can locate temporary or temp-to-hire candidates for your current needs and get them started immediately.

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