Insurance Recruiters Say: ‘Go to the interview first, evaluate the offer second.’

Insurance Recruiters say 'Go to the interview first, evaluate the offer second.'

TheBestIRS Insurance Recruiters Offer Career Advice for Job Seekers

You did everything right. You signed up to receive Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS, you created a Personal Career Profile, then you discussed your qualifications with your insurance recruiter. Now it’s all paid off because you scored the interview. However, you’re starting to second-guess yourself about whether or not this is the right opportunity for you. If it’s the salary, your prospective co-workers, or the benefits, our insurance recruiters explain that until you receive a job offer, the decision to accept is not yours. 

You need to concentrate on getting the company to like you.

Before heading to your interview, you need to focus on the facts. You haven’t been offered the insurance job – so you shouldn’t be concerning yourself about whether to accept or decline it. You’ve been offered the opportunity to interview, to show off the assets you’ll bring to the company. While this is a significant step in the interview process – it’s not the final stage, so you need to keep your focus.

Before the interview, your insurance recruiter will prepare you for questions that you may be asked and he will offer you constructive feedback. During the interview, you’ll need to show interest in the hiring manager and the company, so talk with your insurance recruiter to develop some questions of your own. Once again, focus on getting the hiring manager to like you and want you, so avoid questions that relate to money or perks. The only thing you need to worry about is getting the job offer; everything else can be discussed with your insurance recruiter later.

A few ways to increase your chances of getting the hiring manager to make you that insurance job offer.

  • Dress professionally. You’ll not only look the part but you’ll feel more confident and that will impress the hiring manager. If you need help with what to wear, head over to TheBestIRS Pinterest boards and view our suggestions.
  • Thank the hiring manager! Send a thank you letter, it shows initiative to both your insurance recruiter and the hiring manager. If you need help, check out our ‘Get Hired‘ section!

You won’t be offered the insurance job if you don’t go to the interview.

Follow your insurance recruiter’s advice and attend the interview, otherwise you might regret it later. Once an opportunity is gone, it is likely gone for good. Whether you want to turn down the interview because the friend of a friend told you the company wasn’t a great place to work or whether it’s a little farther than you were wanting to commute; the bottom line remains: choose to go to the interview. As a candidate, you need to remember that the whole point of going to an interview is to hopefully receive a job offer. 

Only when you receive said job offer should you evaluate the opportunity. 

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Your insurance recruiter can help you discuss the pros and cons of an insurance job, AFTER you’re offered the opportunity.

When a job offer is presented, there are numerous elements to consider. While money is very important, it’s not the only factor. Future work-from-home opportunities, your commuting preferences, who your manager will be and other details must be considered before accepting. Talk to your insurance recruiter. He can offer reliable feedback and priceless advice as you navigate the process.

While not all insurance jobs are created equal, the whole reason you submit your resume to TheBestIRS is to find an insurance job. You’re only going to get the job offer by going to the interview. Only after you go to the interview should you begin to evaluate the job offer and decide whether it’s the right insurance job for you. 

As a candidate with TheBestIRS, just remember: until you receive an offer, the decision is not yours.

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