How to NOT Bomb an Interview Question

How to Not Bomb an Interview

By now, we’ve all heard Miss Utah’s infamous, “create education better,” pageant response. I’m sure we all cringed while witnessing this monstrosity of an answer. Well, I admire her spirit: she showed strength and determination to move on (she did manage to snag third runner up after all!), but I think Miss Utah has reminded us all about disastrous misspoken words. Whether you’re competing in the Miss USA competition or if you’re interviewing for your next insurance job, these tips could help:

Take a second to gather your thoughts.
If you watch Miss Utah’s response, you’ll notice how she failed to pause before answering the question. She just jumped in and it was only after she realized she wasn’t making sense that she took a breath to think about what she was saying. She later admitted to not thinking before she spoke and to being slightly confused by the question. An interview is no different. Your interviewer will ask you a question about your qualifications or what makes you the best claims adjuster out there, and you’ll need to deliver a powerful response. So, take a second to decide on the point you want to make, inhale deeply, and deliver your stunning answer.

Give yourself some positive reinforcement. 
When Miss Utah was going off on a tangent she paused and then, after cheers from the crowd, she continued on (I know her bombed answer is the reason I’m writing this, but give me a little leeway). She received positive reinforcement from the audience, so she attempted to finish her answer. This is where you should take note. If asked a difficult question, think back to a compliment someone has given you and with that confidence boost carry on with owning the question. 

Try, try, try again
Sometimes, interview mistakes happen. Miss Utah was given a second chance thanks to Matt Lauer from The Today Show. Matt repeated the question to her and on the second try Miss Utah passed with flying colors. If you don’t want to bomb an interview question, follow the above two rules, but if your nerves get the better of you, there’s always the thank you note (learn how to write a thank you here). In your thank you note, correctly answer your flubbed response for the interviewer and thank them for the opportunity to redeem your response. Writing a thank you note lets you ‘put things right’ under much less stressful circumstances than the interview setting

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Going to an interview can be a life-altering event so it’s not surprising that the pressure can get to us. Luckily for Miss Utah, she got a second chance to redeem herself in front of America. You won’t have millions watching your interview but you could have a few bigwigs present, so you need to impress. Remember our interview tips, give your best Miss (or Mr.) USA smile and you’ll be on your way to earning a shiny new job opportunity. 

What tips do you have on how to ace interview questions? Comment below and let us know! 

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