Hiring Managers: What they Say & What They Mean

Phrases Hiring Managers Use

During the adjuster job interview process, Hiring Managers can confuse job seekers with the way they phrase their questions and statements. Check out these six phrases, so you can be prepared at your next interview.

1. “Tell me about yourself.”
What the hiring manager really means: What are you interests? What are you passionate about? No need to share details of your last five claims adjuster jobs, because your interviewer can read about those on your resume. Interviewees that have made an impact on us are ones who light up when they tell us they love to bake or enjoy fishing.

2. “Is there anything else you would like to know about the claims job or company?”
What the hiring manager really means: Please show your interest in the position and company – by asking something. Our suggestions:

    “How long have you been with said company?”
    “What do you like about working here?”
    “Do I possess all the skills you believe are necessary to be successful in this claims adjuster job?”

Sign up for Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS to be notified of new openings near you.3. “Does this sound like an adjuster job you’re interested in?”
What the hiring manager really means: After you’ve heard more about the role and company, are you still interested in the position? Don’t lie to a hiring manager. If you’re not interested, don’t waste each other’s time. However, if you are still excited about the opportunity, express so.

4. “Don’t worry about bringing anything to the interview.”
What the hiring manager really means: While you may encounter a laid back hiring manager, it’s always best to be organized and prepared. Taking an additional copy of your resume to the interview, along with a pen and notepad, is never a bad thing.

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5. “We’ll follow up with a skills test soon.”
What the hiring manager really means: We will be following up very, very soon. While we can’t speak for all hiring managers, when we say we’re going to send over a skills test, it’s typically within 24 hours. This means you should be on the lookout in your inbox so you can complete the skills test as soon as possible.

6. “We offer 401K, PTO…”
What the hiring manager really means: While many job seekers tend to think this information means they got the ‘in’ right away, oftentimes it is procedure to go over the company benefits to all job seekers. It could be a good sign, but still follow-up with an interview thank you note to really secure your placement.

What other phrases have you encountered from a hiring manager that have left you confused? Let us know in the comments below!

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