Want to Hire Pretty People? There’s a Staffing Company just for You…

Looking to Hire Pretty People?

Beautiful Candidates

Do you desire a team of gorgeous staff members? No problem – thanks to an online-dating-turned-staffing company website. I could be wrong, but are claims managers and supervisors really concerned with the level of attractiveness in their office? This website was originally created for beautiful people to connect with other beautiful people from all around the world. Genetically gifted people are enticed with promises of great parties and of ‘being discovered, without sifting through all the riff-raff.’ Well, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against online dating, in fact, I come from a long line of internet matchmaking and I’ve even dipped my own toe in the dating pool from the safety of my iPad, but why does this dating-turned-staffing company think hiring managers only seek attractive people?

Maybe I’m just annoyed because this company is coming out and saying what others are merely thinking. A beautiful face can’t hurt business. I get it. People like talking to attractive individuals. They like looking at striking people and they like gorgeous people working for them. But what about qualifications, skills or even the legality of this? I’m no lawyer, but you would think hiring based on looks would be violating some law. 

The age old question; Do Looks Really Matter?

After learning about a staffing company like this, I immediately reached out to some of my trusted resources: a claims manager, a hiring manager, and a friend at another staffing company. When I started quizzing the claims manager about his hiring tactics, he openly admitted he would hire based on looks. Interestingly, his office is currently staffed by middle age plus women, so perhaps the idea of some eye candy in his department was enticing to him. Each to his own. He did point out that any interviewee would need the necessary claims qualifications to be under consideration. However, he agreed that attractive people have a leg up in the interviewing process.

My recruiting friend told me that while he’s had clients specify their desire to hire ‘attractive candidates’, he wouldn’t honor their request. The hiring manager, on the other hand, told me that if he had an ugly candidate competing against a pretty candidate, he’d go with the prettier one. He told me that he looks for people who will make companies successful, so in general, he looks for a clean, neat appearance at an interview – to show the candidate recognizes the importance of projecting the right image. There’s a fine balance though, he mentioned that a woman with a perfect manicure might not be willing to ‘get her hands dirty’, so depending on the job requirements, he might steer clear of her for fear someone else will be left picking up her slack. He also made the point that hiring an employee is a balancing act: good looks don’t guarantee a good employee.

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Beauty is Limiting 

The online dating-turned-staffing company claims it will provide well-qualified candidates, just with the added bonus of them being attractive. Being part of the recruiting and staffing world, it seems to me like this would make a niche market even smaller by only selecting so-called ‘attractive’ candidates. I wonder if this company considers all the great candidates they are missing out on? By placing only attractive candidates, is this company clouding the name of good recruiters and staffing companies? Shouldn’t the focus for hiring and claims managers be sourcing candidates who can do the job best? In my personal opinion, I don’t care what you look like as long as you can do the job! Qualifications should always trump looks.  

Maybe someone should let this staffing company know that hiring only attractive candidates isn’t the best hiring philosophy out there. Hiring managers – what do you think? Would you enlist a service like this to secure an attractive hire, or do you find the whole thing absurd? Do qualifications always trump looks?

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