Guardians of the Office: Who’s on your team?

The Guardians of the Office

“I am Groot,” might be my favorite line from the current box office hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s just the type of movie I crave: a combination of action, comedy, and attractive actors. While watching Star-Lord and Gamora jet around the Universe trying to evade the evil Ronan, I couldn’t help but think the Guardians of the Galaxy are the perfect team, even if it took a while for them to see that. The Guardians create one perfect force to be reckoned with. So perfect that it got me wondering – how would they appear in the working world?

The ‘Star-Lord’ of the office might start as the slacker or have a bad attitude, but they eventually find their drive. Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill, shows that with a few good friends and a little support, he can do great things. He’s also a prime example that music can be both a calming resource as well as an excitement builder for motivating yourself and those around you. If you’re feeling tense or need to get pumped for a busy day at the office, follow Star-Lord’s lead and blast Blue Swede’s ‘Hooked on a Feeling.’

When you first start working with a ‘Gamora’ of the office she (or he) could come off as a jerk. You wonder: ‘Are they on the wrong side?’ It isn’t until you begin to know the Gamora that you get to see she’s there for the greater good. She won’t just clock in to get paid, she wants to make a difference in the office – and she usually does. If you’re the Gamora of the office, you’re constantly sacrificing your ego for the greater good by letting others take the credit for your work. However, while you’re ‘sacrificing for the greater good’ at the office, just be sure you’re not sacrificing yourself and your career in the process. 

Drax the Destroyer:
While Drax has good intentions in the office, he often acts out of haste or from incorrect information, which tends to cause major problems. If you’re known to act or respond too quickly, maybe take a deep breath prior to making any rash decisions. Drax makes it up in the end by being a very loyal and hardworking Guardian.

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Groot: The Groot of the office is the likable and helpful co-worker because that’s what the Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy stands for. Groot is the kind employee who tries to help everyone and only wants to be of assistance. No fuss, no need for dramatics or overzealous acts of appreciation here. Groot finds satisfaction in being obliging. Let the Groot of your officeknow that you appreciate him or her with words or a gesture like a Monday morning coffee run.

Every office needs to have a Rocket: a unique employee with humor and a heart of gold. Rocket has it all: the brain, the looks and the personality of a star employee. Whether figuring out how to handle a new process more efficiently or making his or her co-workers laugh, the Rocket employee is a huge asset to your company and team. 

Movies come and go, but I certainly hope to learn from these superhero characteristics and find such traits in my co-workers on a long-term basis. Which qualities do you value in YOUR co-workers? 

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