Go Tapeless: Why Taping Your Windows Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Why Taping Your Windows Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Go Tapeless; The Safer Option

In order to protect themselves and to avoid damage to their property, many of those residing in hurricane prone zones have been advised to tape up their windows. However, that’s not only old news but it’s also poor advice. According to officials around the country, taping windows actually causes significantly more damage than other preventative measures.

In the 1970’s, brochures were passed out to residents encouraging them to start taping their windows. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the implications were revealed. Residents feel more safe and secure after taping their windows, which in turn leads to a false sense of security. When hurricanes rip through homes, windows that have been taped result in larger shards of glass being flung around, creating more hazardous situations.

Catastrophe advocates around the country are enlisting the help of newscasters and officials to promote their new campaign, ‘Go Tapeless.’ The campaign targets homeowners to end the myth about taping and suggests better methods to protect residents. Concerned parties are promoting impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters to offer stronger protection during hurricane season.

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Instead of reaching for the tape, look into window coverings and shutters that will protect you and your home. By taking the necessary precautions you can be sure that you will be prepared. Though it may be more expensive, it will be worth the investment to ensure safety during a catastrophe. Remember: ‘Go Tapeless’ this season!

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